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Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik is an experienced cricketer. His movement in the Indian cricket team continues, but in the recent past, he has created a different image of himself. The journey of Dinesh Karthik as captain in the IPL started from the 11th season i.e. 2018 when he was given the command of Kolkata Knight Rider. Under the leadership of Dinesh Karthik, the Kolkata Knight Riders continued to race to the final till the final moments after losing the second qualifier to become the third best team of the 11th season. At the same time, in the last season i.e. in the 21st season, KKR finished their journey in 5th position under the captaincy of Karthik. Dinesh Karthik's personal performance last season was also very good. In his journey so far, he has scored 3654 runs, playing 182 matches. Since Dinesh Karthik became the captain, the team has won 18 out of 37 matches.


Dinesh Karthik's Horoscope 


Name -

Dinesh Karthik


Date of birth -

1 June 1985


Sun Sign -



Name sign -






Bhagyank -



IPL 2020 Opening -

19 September  2020


place -



Time -

5:30 pm


The sun sign of Dinesh Karthik is Gemini. Its lord Mercury is making auspicious yoga with the Sun in the tenth house. Due to which Kolkata Knight Riders, under the leadership of Dinesh Karthik, can perform well in this season of IPL. Venus with the Moon and Saturn is also creating a place of power, which can cause some problems for Dinesh Karthik. Seeing Saturn's might and weakening his game will affect its sportsmanship. The reason being, that Mars sits in the eleventh house, which is considered good. In this sense, their game will not be affected that much. But due to venomous vibes, mental worries will remain. At the same time, there will be a possibility of not getting along with the allies.

According to the name, the name of Dinesh Karthik is made as Pisces. Whose master is sitting in his house according to Guru Gochar. Due to which Dinesh will be able to make strategy. They will also be successful in rounding up their opponents. As captain, Dinesh Karthik's performance will be good for Kolkata Knight Riders. They will be successful in taking the team along. Which may give them good results in the Indian Premier League 2020.

In numerology, Radix 1 is considered to be the Sun's number, which is the victor. Which is also Radix 1 of Dinesh Karthik. Bhagyank 3 is the Guru's number, which will help in increasing Dinesh's mental capacity. In addition, according to Radix and Bhagyank, this session is considered to be auspicious for them.

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