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Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer is an emerging young player who has made a mark with his batting in a short span of time. They are even more popular in this T20 format of IPL. Talking about the IPL, Iyer started playing in 2015. In 62 matches played so far, he has scored 1681 runs at an average of 30.56, including 13 half-century innings. His best score in the IPL is 96 runs. Iyer was handed the command of Delhi Capitals in the 12th season of IPL. After which Delhi Capitals made their place in the playoffs in the 12th season. Iyer captained Delhi Capitals, played 24 matches and won 14 matches. At the same time, in IPL 2020, it has to be seen how much Iyer's luck for the Delhi Capitals team?


Shreyas Iyer's Horoscope



Name -

Shreyas Iyer 


Date of Birth - 

6 December1994


Sun Sign -



Name sign -



Radix -



Bhagyank -



Opening of IPL 2020 -

19 September2020


place -



Time -

5:30 pm


The Sun sign of Shreyas Iyer is Sagittarius, whose lord Jupiter is currently sitting in his house in transit which is considered yogic. Jupiter is considered a factor of wisdom. He will take many decisions with knowledge and discretion. The 13th edition of IPL will be very fruitful for him and the team. In the space of the Sun with Mercury, positive yoga will give a good result. The lord of might also come to the centre and is making yoga, but due to the sight of Saturn, an explosive yoga is taking place. There will be passion but sometimes the team may face defeat due to lack of support.

The factor of intelligence is that Mercury has fallen with the Sun, due to which the intellect will sometimes not support. There is a high chance that decisions can be wrong and the result will not be good. The game factor Mars is also sitting at 4 degrees, which has become forceless. Somewhere because of lack of passion, there will be obstacles in reaching the goal.

According to the name, the sign of Shreyas Iyer is Aquarius. Whose lord Saturn will sit in the center and cooperate well. Due to Saturn's vision relationship, there will be no impact on his sportsmanship, but due to lack of team support, from time to time there will be disappointment. Sitting in the 12th house of the Moon also makes you anxious. There will be many types of worries in the mind, but this will not affect the game.

If the date of birth is seen, the radius of Shreyas Iyer is 6 which is related to Venus. Venus is considered an auspicious planet. There is also a factor of happiness. According to Radix, their auspicious yoga is being made. According to the date of birth, Bhagyank is 5 which is the number of Mercury, which makes the intellect relaxed. Somewhere, even on the wrong occasion, using wisdom is considered to be the sum to convert defeat into victory.

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