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Steve Smith

In the 13th season of IPL Rajasthan Royals will be led by Steve Smith. In 2018, Smith was not able to be a part of the IPL due to the ball-tampering case. But Smith made a comeback in the 12th season of the IPL to satisfy his hunger for runs. He scored 319 runs in 12 innings playing for Rajasthan Royals. At the same time, in IPL 2020, let us see whether Steve Smith manages to win the title of 13th season for Rajasthan Royals or not.

Steve Smith’s Horoscope



Name -

Steve Smith


Date of birth -

02 June 1989


Sun Sign -



Name sign -



Radix -



Bhagyank -



IPL 2020 Opening -

19 September 2020


Place -



Time -

6 pm / 7.30 pm Indian time

The Sun sign of Steve Smith is Taurus which makes the person energetic, hardworking and efficient in working. Because of which Smith can succeed in reaching his goal. In this season of IPL 2020, Steve Smith can succeed in reaching his goal. The formation of Buddha and Yoga in the centre of Sun and Mercury becomes an auspicious yoga for him and Rajasthan Royals. The factor of play is sitting in the eleventh position with the career lord making a centre triangle Raja Yoga but due to the weak position of Venus, there might be a lack of happiness. Which can make Steve Smith taste defeat even though he is close to victory.

According to the name, the name sign of Steve Smith is Aquarius and is governed by planet Saturn aka master of Karma. But due to the play factor, Saturn's sight on Mars may sometimes cause Steve to suffer from a lack of self-confidence as well as non-cooperation of his partner.

According to the date of birth, Steve Smith's radix is 2, which is the number of the Moon. Moon is a factor of mind. Due to which Steve will be able to control his mind and take the right decisions. The number 7 is considered to be Ketu in astrology. Because sitting with planet Jupiter in transit, Ketu thinks itself to be the ruler. As a result, it has become yogic for Steve. Overall, the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League is going to be good for Steve Smith. Talking of captaincy, there may be some problems.

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