Dinesh Kartik

Dinesh Kartik (Kolkata Knight Riders )

The present captain of Kolkata Knight Riders, Dinesh Kartik has been a consistent performer with the bat and behind the stumps in the IPL franchise. Kartik began his IPL journey in the very first year of the franchise when he was bought by the Delhi Capitals (then Daredevils). Kartik played in the 2008 Indian Premier League as the wicket-keeper for the Delhi Daredevils. After being a part of the Delhi franchise for two consecutive years, Kartik was bought by Kings XI Punjab in 2011. Mumbai Indian picked up Kartik in 2012 for 12.4 crores. At the start of 2013 season, Kartik scored well for the Mumbai Indians and with his improving performance, the team ultimately won the trophy for the 2013 season, their very first IPL win. Relying on his winning streak, Delhi bought him back in the next season. In 2015, he was taken up by the Royal Challengers Bangalore. In 2016, he was picked up by Gujarat lions where he stayed for the next season as well.
On 27 th January 2018, Kartik joined his current team, KKR and was appointed the captain on 4 th March replacing Gautam Gambhir.

An overview of his overall performance in the past seasons of IPL:

  • His highest score was an unbeaten 56 to steer Delhi to a five-wicket win in a group match over the Mumbai Indians.
  • In the first season on IPL, Kartik, playing for his team Delhi Daredevils, scored 145 runs at 24.16 with a strike rate of 135.51.
  • Kartik gave a better performance in the next season held in South Africa, where he played in each of Delhi's 15 matches, scoring 288 runs at 36.00, and getting 17 dismissals.
  • When with Mumbai Indians in 2012, 13, he scored a quick 86 against his former team- the Delhi Daredevils in one of his first matches and gave a very good overall performance by getting a total of 510 runs and being one of the top 10 highest run getter of the season.

Astrological aspects governing the stars of Dinesh Kartik
According to the predictions made by our astrologers at Astroyogi, the astrological chart of Kartik is:
  • Sun Sign – Gemini
  • Name Sign – Pisces
  • Ruling number – 1
  • Lucky Number – 3
  • IPL Opening Match – 23 rd March, 2019
  • Place – Chennai
  • Time – 8 pm

Born on 1 st June, 1985, in Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu, Kartik is 34 at the moment. Based on his date of birth his sun sign is Gemini. IPL is commencing on 23 rd March, 2019. Local time suggests that IPL begins in Libra ascendant. Kartik’s ruling star according to his sun sign is Mercury, which in retrograde sits with Venus in the 9 th house. Luck will only have little to do with Kartik this time around and the presence of Rahu in his sun sign will push him to work harder and give a tough competition to the opponents. All in all, Kartik will give a tough time to the respective teams playing against his in the tournament which will provide immense strength and Ketu with Saturn in the 6 th house will maintain pressure over every opponent.
Based on his name, the name sign for Dinesh Kartik becomes Pisces which is ascended by Sun at the start of IPL and the ruling star of Pisces, Jupiter sits in 9 th house and the according to this his luck will not be in favour of his performance at the moment.
If numerology is taken into consideration then the number associated with Kartik is 1 which is the number of Sun and his lucky number is 3 which is ruled by Jupiter, all of which suggests good overall experience for Kartik in the 12 th edition of IPL.
Here is the astrological analysis for today’s match from our eminent astrologer at Astroyogi:

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