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Tarot Swagatika

Tarot Swagatika



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About Me

Tarot Swagatika is a renowned Astrologer and certified Tarot reader with an experience of more than 4 years. She specializes in Reiki healing, Angels therapy, Numerology, NLP practicing, Vastu Shastra, Art Therapy, Gemology and Color Therapy as well.  Since her childhood she was fascinated by the occult sciences and this brought her into the world of astrology and related sciences. She is a keen believer of destiny and holds the opinion that our past karmas are reflected in the planetary position at the time of our birth. These play a crucial role in our present life and also impact our future as well. Tarot Swagatika has a huge client base and her clients are spread all over the world. She provides simple and accurate measures to make them understand the actual path of their lives. She offers guidance on various issues of everyday life such as marriage, childbirth, education, matchmaking, career, finances, marital discords, foreign travel, business, divorce, health and much more.