Astroyogi Predictor League 2022: Predict & Win Contest

This T20 season, Astroyogi brings you an amazing 'Predict and Win’ contest where you will get a chance to win bumper prizes worth up to Rs. 3 lakhs. This contest is exclusively available for Astroyogi users only. To Participate in this contest, you have to make predictions of the winning team from every match, the highest run-scorer, and the highest wicket-taker. For every game played, your predictions can help you win Daily, Weekly and Bumper Prizes!

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How it works

3 Simple Steps

How it works
iplRules of the game
  • Signup with Astroyogi and choose your unique gaming name.
  • Predict the winning team, highest run scorer and wicket taker & submit your answer.
  • You get 4 runs for predicting the correct winning team.
  • You get 6 runs for predicting the highest run scorer.
  • You get 6 runs for predicting the highest wicket taker.

prizes to be won

Predict and win exciting prizes

APL Bumper Prize APL Bumper Prize
APL Recharge Pack APL Recharge Pack
APL Amazon Card APL Amazon Card
Consult cricket prediction expert @₹1
Consult cricket prediction expert @₹1

IPL predictions are for entertainment purposes only and not to be used for any other purpose

Expert comments on IPL
Expert comments on IPL
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