Shukra Yoga

Shukra Yoga

Those with Shukra Yoga in their kundali are not good at influencing others. Single men are usually unable to make much headway with the opposite sex; there is no romance in their lives. Married men with Shukra Yoga are inept at sorting out differences with their wives.

Shukra Yoga in Astrology

Shukra stands for planet Venus and it symbolizes wealth, happiness and love. But, based on which planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury etc) Venus correlates with, it can produce different results to form Shukra Yoga. These combinations provide a variety of effects depending on the relation of Venus with these planets. 

As per Shukra Yoga in Vedic astrology, the planet Venus takes on prominent roles based on the ascendant house. 

How is Shukra Yoga Formed?

Venus, along with other planets like Sun, Moon and Mercury can form Surya Shukra Yoga, Chandra Shukra Yoga and Budhh Shukra Yoga respectively. 

The enmity between these planets can reduce the good effects of Venus. The placement of Venus in the 6th, 8th and 12th house will reduce Venus benefits, as these houses are notorious for causing harmful effects.

Significance of Shukra Yoga

Shukra Yoga has great significance in a native’s personal life, especially their love life. Venus is known for beauty, joy and lady-love prominence. It also provides financial gains, comforts of life and material goods.

Due to its compatibility with other planets, Venus forms a variety of Shukra yogas, resulting in the following sub-types:

1. Budh Shukra Yoga

  • Planet Mercury symbolizes a strong personality with intelligence, strong communication skills and decision-making abilities. 

  • Venus and Mercury when combined, symbolise a strong personality and successful life. 

2. Chandra Shukra Yoga

  • Planet Chandra symbolizes the Moon. It has no enemy planets, but Venus considers the Moon an enemy planet.

  • Both contradict each other and there is a disruption of their good effects if they are in the same house.

  • Based on the ascendant lord planet, the effect of Chandra Shukra Yoga may vary.

3. Surya Shukra Yoga

  • Planet Surya symbolizes the Sun and stands for inheritance and healthy physical body.

  • The Sun and Venus are enemy planets and hence have a conflict of interest in each other's prominent goals.

Effects of Shukra Yoga 

Venus is a benefic planet and will result in positive results for a person. The variants of Shukra Yoga as per the effect of other planets have the following results:

Budh Shukra Yoga

  • The effects of these planet combinations will result in a healthy relationship with both mother and spouse.

  • Domestic life will be harmonious. There will be peace of mind and the native will have good mental stability.

  • There will be joy in living life amidst a pleasant and cheerful environment.

  • There will be gains from real estate provided there is support from Saturn and Mars in the native’s kundali.

Chandra Shukra Yoga

  • A positive relationship with the mother is indicated despite occasional disagreements. 

  • There will be gains from buying and selling of financial assets. A cautious approach is necessary. 

  • Mental strength will be varied based on the dasha of Venus, therefore the results will be inconsistent.

Surya Shukra Yoga

  • Since Surya (Sun) and Shukra (Venus) are enemy planets, this yoga will provide mixed results based on their respective strong dashas.

  • The Sun will provide stamina and energy, and also gains from inheritance. Venus will provide wealth and a joyful attitude.

These are the various effects of different types of Shukra Yoga and the possible impact on the native’s life.

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