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Amala Yoga

Do you believe that actions speak louder than words?  In your opinion, do our actions shape our character? Do you always strive to be ethically correct? If the answer is yes, you may well have the Amala Yoga in your horoscope chart. 

Not many people are aware that Amala Yoga occurs when the planets are placed in a way that energises us to perform such deeds that bring us success and good fortune in all aspects of life.

Amala Yoga in Astrology

If you experience inner peace and happiness through good deeds, consider this the blessings of the planets that formed Amala Yoga in your birth chart. Amala Yoga in Vedic astrology is responsible for the good karmas you perform in this life, which lead to fruitful results. 

This yoga is said to enhance your progress on the professional front. Having this yoga in your natal chart points to a high probability of achieving excellent results in almost all spheres of life. 


How is the Amala Yoga formed?

Amala Yoga is a very propitious yoga that is associated with the ruling planet of the 10th house in your horoscope chart. This house is linked with Career and therefore, Amala Yoga brings excellence in your job or business. 

Amala Yoga is formed in your birth chart when the benefic planets such as Jupiter, Mercury or Venus govern the 10th house (with no malefic inputs from the Moon or the native’s ascendant).

Significance of Amala Yoga

Amala Yoga is directly related to the 10th house which is also known as the house of karmas in Vedic astrology. It motivates you to become involved in charity activities and other works of compassion. These actions shape your character and bolster your benevolent karma.

Planets like Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are the positive planets that propel you to give your best -- be it an act of charity or a work presentation. That is why the presence of Amala Yoga not only blesses you with fame and fortune but also with a good reputation and respect in society. 

This yoga makes you a better and kinder person. Those with Amala Yoga in their birth chart are hardworking employees or entrepreneurs, giving their best at work. You stand out from the crowd and are rewarded with the fruits of your karmas in this lifetime and the next. 

Effects of Amala Yoga

You are truly blessed if you have Amala Yoga in your horoscope. It can shape your character and redefine your destiny. Some of the lasting effects of Amala Yoga are: 

  • It will take your career to greater heights and enhance your business prospects. 

  • It will hone your leadership skills and make you a great orator with the power to change the lives of those around you. 

  • It will bring you all the riches in the world and help you reach the pinnacle of success. 

  • On the flip side, Amala Yoga may make you a miserly person, preoccupied with materialistic things. In the process, you may become oblivious to the other truths of life. You must take care not to slip into such a mental state.  

This yoga will give you all that you aspire for -- respect, money, fame and goodwill. It will raise your humanistic values. Your good karmas will protect you from all mishaps. To know more about Amala Yoga and if it is present in your horoscope chart, contact an expert astrologer now!

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