Today's Match Prediction

IPL 2019 Final

Date: 12th May

Time:  19.30 pm

Venue: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad


The finale of the 12th season is here, the journey of over one and a half month will see its conclusion today. The match is between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. It will be a match to remember as both the teams are equally deserving.

For the last prediction of the 12th season of IPL, the name sign of Mumbai Indians is Leo which is in the 10th house from the birth chart of the final match. The Moon is in Leo this time. The lord of Leo,  Sun is in 6th house with Mercury which is creating Budhaditya Yoga. These planetary positions are making Mumbai Indians strong. Whereas the name sign of Chennai Super Kings is Aries which is in the 6th house in the birth chart of the match. Venus, Mercury and Sun are all in Aries which indicates a good start for CSK. But the lord of Aries,Mars is creating Angarak Dosh along with Rahu. These planetary positions indicate that Team CSK can make some mistakes.  

Taking into account the sun sign of Rohit Sharma is Taurus and Mahendra Singh Dhoni is Cancer and the ruling planet positions indicate strong chances of win for Rohit Sharma.

For the finale, our predictions give weightage to the ultimate Mumbai Indians.

They have better chances at lifting the trophy tonight.

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