Today's Match Prediction

Kolkata Knight Riders VS Royal Challengers Bangalore (19/04/2019)

Place – Kolkata

Time – 8 pm

The season of IPL has begun and our teams are ready to fight it out on the field with their jerseys on. It will be an entertaining night and the crowd at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata will be super energetic and in for an entertaining night as the cricket fever of IPL will take over.

The date is 19th  April, 2019 and today’s match is between KKR and RCB.

Here is the astrological analysis for today’s match from our eminent astrologer at Astroyogi:

Prediction details

The planetary positions during the match of IPL 2019 gives positive outcomes for both teams. Name sign of KKR is Gemini and the ruling planet is Mercury and that of RCB is Libra and the ruling planet of Libra is Venus. Although both the planets are creating Nich Bhang Raj Yog at the time of the match, the degree of Mercury is a little more than that of Venus and so the chances of winning is more for KKR than that of RCB. If we talk about the captains, RCB’s Virat Kohli might give a good performance in the match as Mars, his ruling sign is in the 7th house indicating good results, KKR’s Dinesh Kartik too will not be far behind on performing well. Both captains will go into an equally dedicated match.

Although the competition will be neck to neck, our predictions give weightage to Dinesh this time around but to turn the tables RCB will need to give a top notch performance.

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