Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde astrology is a situation that takes place every 18 months. It lasts for six weeks and is considered to make some of you revisit the hidden, unwanted and weak emotions of your life while others might enjoy it as the best time of life.

According to astrology, planet Venus depicts self-respect, luxury, comfort, prosperity, marital bliss & sexual pleasures. For people who have planet Venus in a benefic state in their birth chart, such a time makes the person more jovial, friendly & loves to be surrounded by love. If such a Planet Venus starts to move in the opposite direction from its usual course this state is called retrograde. 

Features of Planet Venus

Planet Venus is the most beautiful and shiny planet amongst the others. During the Venus retrograde, the person experiences the birth of new emotions and qualities. Unfortunately, it makes the person introverted & cut-off from social life. He or she starts to enjoy alone time. During this time, most people are likely to give up their marital life, family or pleasures to become a saint or dedicate their life to spirituality & godliness completely. 

If planet Venus is in the benefic state in your birth chart then it makes the person more content and loveable. On the other hand, when it is in the retrograde position it shows a lack of happiness, love & contentment. It also gives rise to marital issues & problems and some are also likely to get skin related problems too. 

Planet Venus retrograde & Women

If a woman has planet Venus in the retrograde state in the birth chart then she is likely to be very aggressive. Such women dominate and overrule their partner choking them in the relationship. In the worst-case even when the relationship is over they become obsessed with their ex-partners and do not stop stalking them. They get after their lives! 

When Planet Venus is in the benefic state

In astrology, the nature of the planet plays an important role. If planet Venus is in the benefic state in your birth chart then you are likely to enjoy good results. Venus is considered the planet of love and pleasure. If the planet is present in the 7th house of your birth chart with some other planet then it grants you harmony & peace on both marital & family front. 

If the planet Venus is in the 12th house then it grants financial growth & luxuries. If a man has planet Venus in the benefic state then he is likely to be very fond of fashion and is likely to work on himself a lot. 

If planet Venus is in the malefic state

By any chance, if planet Venus’s behaviour is malefic in one’s birth chart then you are likely to face a setback financially. You would have to work extremely hard to maintain a basic lifestyle. Unfortunately, you will also see deterioration in respect and there are high chances of facing delay in marriage or marital imbalance in the life of those who are married. Some might also face health problems during this time.
For men if the planet Venus is in the malefic state then you might face problems related to fertility and women might face severe mental stress.   

Retrograde nature of planets

As stated in the Vedic astrology, planets which retrograde are the same as normal moving planets. Amongst the nine planets, the Sun and the moon always move forward and never retrograde. However, Rahu & Ketu always move in retrograde motion. Planet Venus when it retrogrades it gives different results.
Let us know how it will impact different houses in your birth chart. 

Astrological aspect of Planet Venus retrograde 

 The retrograde movement of planet Venus is celestial when instead of moving forward the planet starts to move backwards. Such a movement takes place for 43 days. Every year Venus retrogrades twice. 

 Impact of retrograde planet Venus on our lives 

 How it will impact various houses

If the planet Venus when retrogrades move to the 1st house then the person is likely to have airs about him or her beauty. Unfortunately, people with such a conjunction in their birth chart are likely to attract people towards them unknowingly. This results in negative publicity and image tarnation. 

If the planet Venus when retrogrades move into the 2nd house then it makes the person sensual and also enjoy luxury. It also creates an environment where one would desire to relish all kinds of pleasures in life. To avail such a time one can also stoop to ill-measures and ways. One tends to become show-off and ends up losing a lot of money due to this. 

The transit of planet Venus in the retrograde state, when entering the 3rd house, gives unfavourable results. The person is likely to be badged with a bad reputation due to his or her flirtatious lifestyle and choices. In addition to that, you might also have to face your enemies time and again and lose a lot of your wealth. 

When planet Venus transits to the 4rth house of your birth chart during retrograde then it is likely to keep you grounded but also takes you away from your birth land and home. If retrograde Venus is influenced by Mars then the person is expected to be less attached to the family and might also face difficulties related to IQ and intellect. 

If planet Venus in the retrograde state enters your 5th house in the birth chart then according to the astrologers the person is likely to be blessed with feminine energy in the house. You might develop an interest in speculative activities like lottery etc. There are high chances that the person is inclined towards homosexuality but unfortunately, he or she will not be able to enjoy a good life.  

In your birth chart during Venus retrograde, if it enters your 6th house then you are likely to have grudges against people. You can also have enemies surrounding you. There are high chances that you destroy your paternal asset or inheritance. Unfortunately, you are likely to give physical pain to others due to your mental stress.

The effect of Venus retrograde on 7th to 12th houses

In the 7th house of your birth chart when planet Venus retrograde and moves, it is likely to give birth to a lot of enemies around you. Such people are not trustworthy when it comes to relationships. Such people’s interest lies in wealth and extramarital affairs. 

If the planet Venus when in retrograde motion sits in the 8th house then the person becomes entitled to pay off the debts taken by their father. The two terms debt & pay-off continue to be a part of your life. One needs to be careful as there are high chances of facing an accident with animals. 

Venus when retrograde moves to the 9th house then it indicates that the person’s livelihood depends on mortgage & loan. Such people only believe in flaunting and showing off in matters related to spiritual and religious activities. But unfortunately, they do not hold any positive intention or belief towards it. 

If the planet Venus retrogrades and moves into the 10th house in your birth chart then it makes the person wealthy & fortunate. You are likely to get married to someone of much higher than your calibre. But unfortunately, you might not be on good terms with your mother. Luckily, this retrograde move blesses the person with respect, position and intelligence. 

In the 11th house of your birth chart if Venus retrogrades then you are likely to enjoy wealth, the luxury of expensive vehicles and people at your service all the time. Lastly,

If the planet Venus retrogrades into the 12 houses of your birth chart then it makes the person spend more than usual. The person becomes unable to accumulate wealth. Unfortunately, a married man can see his wife walking out of the relationship.

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