Ketu Retrograde 2023

Ketu Retrograde 2023

Ketu is considered a shadow planet in Vedic astrology. As a planet it always remains in retrograde state. In such a situation, it has a deep impact on the native. Ketu is considered a cruel planet in astrology. It gives the result according to the compatibility and position of the planet in the birth chart. Ketu in the retrograde state gives the opposite result, as believed by some astrologers. There are some who also consider it good.

Ketu Retrograde 2023 Date & Time

So let us know what the result of Ketu's movement brings for us.

Ketu being dominant in Vedic astrology

Effect of Ketu in Vedic astrology depends on its location and the combination of the planet with the house and other planets present. However, the effect of Ketu is also considered important in the birth chart. While assessing the horoscope, the astrologer takes into consideration the position of Ketu, only after this, the future results of the native are considered and calculated. Without this the calculation is not considered correct as Rahu - Ketu are considered shadowy planets which greatly impacts the horoscope. If effective, the person takes interest in religion and spirituality and also has an attractive personality.

When Ketu is benefic in the horoscope

In Vedic astrology, Ketu is considered a factor of spirituality. According to astrology, if Ketu is effective in the horoscope, it opens the path of spirituality to the native. If Ketu is more than usual effective in the horoscope then the native moves towards spirituality. Even he renounces worldly fascination. He cuts off all the emotional ties with love and family. The influence of Guru (Jupiter) in the horoscope also leads the person towards spirituality. But in such a situation the native does not turn away from the world. He carries out other worldly responsibilities.

When Ketu is malefic in the horoscope

The malefic state of Ketu in the horoscope makes the native cruel. The native exists on the path of religion. Also, he is likely to not respect people. In Vedic astrology, Ketu is seated with which house and is present with which planet also decides its effect. Because Ketu is a shadow planet and it gives results according to all these placements. When Ketu is in the malefic state it also causes problems in family life. Due to this, the native is not able to advance in career as some kind of hurdle keeps coming in their way to success.

Effect of Retrograde Ketu on human life

According to the 12 houses mentioned in astrology, the effect of retrograde Ketu is different.

  1. Ketu in the first house is not considered good for health and family for the native. In such a situation, the person has to face problems in health and family matters.
  2. When retrograde Ketu sits in the second house is not auspicious on the wealth front of the native. The person is likely to become rude. Such people fail to accumulate wealth. There is also a possibility of injuries and accidents to be faced.
  3. If Ketu is in the retrograde state moves in the third house of the birth chart then it reduces the courage of the native. There are high chances that the fate of the native also does not support him. Thus the native has difficulty in successfully doing any work.
  4. Retrograde Ketu in the fourth house unfortunately, works to reduce the happiness of the person. Fluctuations and changes in the field of career can be foreseen. Due to which the native does not get stability which leads to stress due to lack of stability.
  5. The presence of planet Ketu as retrograde in the fifth house brings trouble in the family, love and social life of the person. You might have problems related to becoming a parent and happiness related to it. Retrograde Ketu also brings problems in terms of money.
  6. The presence of curved Ketu in the sixth house becomes a disease and urinary disorder for the native. The native's health worsens. Along with this, there is a lack of self-power and energy in the native.
  7. The influence of retrograde Ketu in the seventh house may cause delay in marriage. Ketu, unfortunately, can be behind the rift between partners. It is also likely to affect the health of the partner.
  8. It is not considered good for the native to have retrograde Ketu in the eighth house of the birth chart. In such a situation, the person may be the victim of accidents. You are likely to feel weak most of the time.
  9. In the ninth house, retrograde Ketu has an effect on the fate of the person. The native does not get his share of luck. Even after working hard, the native does not get the results according to his mind.
  10. Ketu sitting in the tenth house is considered an inauspicious sign for the person's field of work. In such a situation, the work gets interrupted due to which the person progresses less than expected.
  11. Ketu in the eleventh house causes loss of wealth of the native, obstructions in the work being done, and also causes obstacles in love affairs. The person remains weak in terms of money and love.
  12. In the twelfth house, retrograde Ketu makes the person receive the blocked money or payment.  It also makes the person a loose spender. In Spite of earning well the person is still likely to spend it endlessly. During this time the native might also create disease related disorders.

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