Moon Transit

Moon Transit

Transit of Moon brings favourable results when it moves into 1st, 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house from where natal Moon is positioned in a birth chart. In the remaining houses, it can lead to some challenges in the natives life.
The effects of a transiting planet depend on where it is with respect to the other planets and houses in your horoscope. Here is how Moon affects you while transiting through the different houses in your birth chart and it is why finding out the Moon position today is important.

Before making the prediction for the day, the astrologers thus, make sure to find out what position the moon is in today.

If Moon transits to the first house from the natal Moon, the native will be happy and satisfied with his/her life. You will also gain wealth during the transit. Romantically, it is a wonderful time with good marriage prospects.

When Moon transits to the second house, the native will experience unhappiness, frustration and disappointment during this period.

Moon in third house from natal Moon will result in the native feeling courageous and remain happy and satisfied with life in general. You will also experience an improvement in your health and relationships with your friends, relatives and siblings.

The Moon’s transit in fourth house can halter progress at work. You become more emotional during this time. Money matters will require caution as you may face a loss in investments, and also an increase in expenditure.

The Moon in fifth house will affect the native’s intellect, to some extent. Your performance at work may not meet your set expectations, and your business deals may not turn out to be that profitable during this time. You might also feel that you are lacking guidance in career matters.

When Moon moves into the sixth house, native will be able to achieve success and fame. In your professional life, your investments will turn out to be profitable, while at home you will manage to feel happy and at peace.

Moon in seventh house can lead to profits from foreign deals and associations. Romance will increase. Those married, will be able to enjoy a healthy and happy relationship with the spouse. A good time to travel as well.

Avoid arguments when the Moon moves into your eighth house. You may face health issues and will be prone to suffer depression and stress. Avoid travelling and reckless driving. This transit could also bring obstacles in your career.

Your progress at work will be slow if the Moon is posited in your ninth house from natal Moon. Some challenges at work may also prevail during this period. You may be working very hard, but you may not be able to yield the benefits.

When Moon moves to the tenth house, it will result in positive and favourable outcome of native’s career. Your boss will appreciate your work and you may even benefit with a promotion in your job. For entrepreneurs, this will be a good time to start your business. Your family and friends will be especially supportive during this time.

When moon is posited in the eleventh house from natal Moon, it can benefit your income with an increase in salary/profits in business. You will enjoy a good time with your friends and family.

If Moon transits to the twelfth house, it can lead to the native being vulnerable to stress and health issues. Health issues can include tensions, headaches and eye related problems. Keep track of your money as expenditure will likely increase.

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