Saturn Retrograde 2024

Saturn Retrograde 2024

In Vedic astrology, Saturn retrograde plays a very important role. Planet Saturn is considered as the lord of work & success. A lot of people have a myth regarding planet Saturn and fear it. They think it will only give pain and suffering which is not correct. If the planet Saturn bestows its blessing on someone then the person can enjoy all the fortunes of life. You must be wondering if planet Saturn retrogrades then how it will affect various aspects of life. 

The answer is right here!

Saturn Retrograde 2024 Date & Time

Saturn Retrograde On 30th June 2024, Sunday at 12:33 PM
Saturn Progressive On 04 February 2025, Friday at 07:50 PM
Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion = 139 Days

Impact of Saturn retrograde based on Vedic astrology

 If planet Saturn is in the benefic state in your birth chart then one is likely to see sudden growth in wealth & happiness. Due to the good effect of planet Saturn, the person will become just and abides by the laws in varied spheres of life. He or she always adheres to what is right and fights against the wrong. It makes the person honest and serious related to his or her work. 

Such people are likely to earn a good name in fields like law. They are also very hard working. If they put in their all in any work or project then they tend to achieve success. They have a keen interest in matters related to justice, truth, union etc 

Malefic effect of Planet Saturn

Unfortunately, the malefic effect of planet Saturn makes the person struggle and face a lot of perils in life. They are likely to experience a not so fruitful phase in terms of profession & business. Money does not come easily to them and there are high chances of not getting respect. You might also not have good relations with people. Facing imbalance in marital life can be a big concern. You are likely to lack decision-making ability. Unfortunately at times due to bad decisions, such people end up hurting themselves. Also, they can be stuck in some lawsuits. 

Retrograde motion of Planet Saturn and its transit in the horoscope

The transit of planet Saturn in the retrograde state affects each horoscope depending on its position in each house. According to the astrologers, planet Saturn when retrogrades become more powerful and impactful as compared to the usual state. As it is said Saturn is considered as the one who gives the fruit of karma. In such a situation the retrograde state of this planet will give both favourable and unfavourable results. If the person works hard honestly then it grants success and pushes the person to continue working hard. 

Astrological aspect of planet Saturn retrograde

In context to astrology, the retrograde state of the planet Saturn explains that when the planet from its usual course starts to move backwards or in the opposite direction. This is called retrograde.

In astrology as mentioned the prediction is done based on 12 houses present in each birth chart. Its effects vary with each house. 

  1. In the retrograde state if planet Saturn moves into the 1st house then it is considered lucky. Such people live life king size. If by chance planet Saturn is in the malefic state of the birth chart then it can give heart problems to the person.

  2. If Saturn in the retrograde state sits in the 2nd house of the birth chart then it makes the person more spiritual. It makes the person earn good wealth and enjoy it. The person becomes more compassionate and intellectual. 

  3. If in your birth chart Saturn in retrograde motion moves to the 3rd house then it makes the person rise on the career front and becomes powerful physically. Such people have high chances of becoming politicians and famous public figures. If by chance Planet Saturn is in the malefic state then it will give you a lot of disappointments and failures in life. 

  4. In the 4rth house of your birth chart, if planet Saturn retrogrades and sits, it affects the mood of the person and gives mental stress. The reason can be that he or she is worried about the health of an elderly person in the house. Unfortunately, such people might also not be able to enjoy a peaceful environment at home. 

  5. If Saturn in the retrograde state enters the 5th house then it is likely you might not be concerned about your child or the family. The retrograde state might let you enjoy good love expressions from the lover but there are high chances of being cheated too. 

  6. The 6th house when entered by retrograde Saturn grants the person with wealth and the blessing of a child. You are likely to travel a lot and will also succeed in controlling your oppositions. 

  7. If planet Saturn in retrograde state enters the 7th house in the birth chart then it is likely to be a lucky time for you. You will enjoy a blissful time on the family front. If you are in the profession of iron, steel or machinery then you will attain benefits and success in life. 

  8. When retrograde Saturn enters the 8th house in the birth chart there are high chances it grants long life. Unfortunately, it might also turn siblings against each other. It is also observed that such people’s fathers do not have a very long life. 

  9. The entry of retrograde Saturn into the 9th house grants a happy life to the person. It also makes the person excel in fields of travel, administrative area. If you incline towards social service and helping others then Saturn will help you achieve success. 

  10. In the 10th house planet Saturn if retrograde and sits then it makes the person fearless and clever. Such people excel at accumulating wealth. They also can buy a house and receive good help from the government. It makes the person ambitious too. 

  11. If the planet Saturn retrogrades and enters the 11th house then it blesses the person with a child if they are planning to conceive or ready to deliver. It makes the person wealthy and also brainy to deal with all kinds of twisted situations. Fortunately, you will enjoy climbing the ladder of success.

  12. In the 12th house if retrograde Saturn sits then it is likely to bless you with good luck. You will enjoy a good business front and family life. You will enjoy good wealth but there are high chances that you become rude.

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