MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings)

The King of Cricket, MS Dhoni is a winning machine himself. Dhoni was roped in as a part of Chennai Super Kings in the very first year of IPL for 6 crores. This made him the most expensive player in the IPL for the first season auctions and he has been serving as the captain for team ever since. Under his captaincy, Chennai Super Kings won the 2010 and 2011 and 2018 Indian Premier League titles and the 2010 and 2014 Champions League T20 titles. Unfortunately CSK was suspended for two years from IPL; meanwhile Dhoni was bought by Rising Pune Supergiant for 6.2 crores in 2016, and was named captain. However, his team finished in 7th place. In 2017, his team reached the final, where they lost to Mumbai Indians. Chennai Super Kings returned to IPL in the 2018 season under his captaincy. Dhoni scored a total of 455 runs in the tournament and led his side to their third IPL title.

An overview of his overall performance in the past seasons of IPL:

  • MSD holds the position of second leading run scorer for Chennai Super Kings after Suresh Raina in Indian Premier League.
  • MS Dhoni has hit 126 Sixes for Chennai which is most by a wicket keeper batsman in Indian Premier League history.
  • Dhoni's batting average is the second best for Super Kings in Indian Premier League after Michael Hussey
  • Dhoni holds the record of most dismissals by a wicket keeper for a team in Indian Premier League.
  • Dhoni holds the record of playing most matches as captain of a single team in Indian Premier League.
  • In terms of wins, Dhoni is the second most successful captain of Indian Premier League after Rohit Sharma.

Astrological aspects governing the planets of MS Dhoni
According to the predictions made by our astrologers at Astroyogi, the astrological chart of Dhoni is:
  • Sun Sign – Cancer
  • Name Sign – Leo
  • Ruling number – 7
  • Lucky Number – 6
  • IPL Opening Match – 23 rd March, 2019
  • Place – Chennai
  • Time – 8 pm

Dhoni was born on July 7 th , 1981 in the city of Ranchi. He is 37 at the moment. Based on his date of birth his sun sign is Cancer. IPL is commencing on 23 rd March, 2019 at the home ground of CSK. Local time suggests that IPL begins in Libra ascendant. Dhoni’s ruling planet according to his sun sign is Moon, which is present in Libra at the start of the tournament indicating that CSK will have high energy and enthusiasm throughout the season. Considering the sun sign, the 9 th house is occupied by Sun which will provide immense strength and Ketu with Saturn in the 6 th house will maintain pressure over every opponent.
Based on his name, the name sign for Mahendra Singh Dhoni becomes Leo and according to this his luck is sky high at the moment. However, if we consider individual performances then we might see a rather average side of the run beast but overall for the team, Dhoni’s captaincy will definitely keep them up in the game and by a huge margin.
If numerology is taken into consideration then the number associated with Mahi is 7 which is the number of Ketu and his lucky number is 6 which is ruled by Venus. While Ketu is in the 3 rd house at the beginning of IPL, Venus sits in the 5 th house, all in favour of the cricket wizard while awarding him with huge success, fame and glory.
Here is the astrological analysis for today’s match from our eminent astrologer at Astroyogi:

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