Types of Hands in Palmistry

Types of Hands in Palmistry

Palmistry is one of the illustrated and vast studies to predict a person’s personality, traits, and prospects. It includes terms like lines, fingers, fingernails, mounts, plains and types of hands apart from other elements. 

Being one of the oldest and simplest forms of astrology, it is also the one which makes people curious to get to know about self. There are several distinctions based on which the expert astrologer analyzes the hand and predicts for the person.

Since we are all unique individuals with a different kind of personality and type, looking at that palmistry has categorised various elements to make it easy to curate prediction and share it with people. It highlights one’s ideology, choices etc on aspects like career, family, love life and health.

Fewer people know that our hands can provide information about us. Even though the origin of palmistry is unknown still it is practised across the globe by expert astrologers.

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Types of Hands in Palmistry

According to Vedic astrology, there are four types of Hands. Chinese astrology categories hands as 7 types. Since Vedic astrology is considered to be the godfather of palmistry, most astrologers consider all the elements based on that.

Earth Hands

The earth hand is recognised as a square palm which has small fingers. According to Vedic astrology, people who fall in this category are known to be one of the strongest personality-wise. They are strong-headed, focused and do not accept non-sense of any sort. They are very well aware of the consequences of their deeds and are ready for it. They are not the kinds who like to be locked up at home, they are mostly outside of the house and prefer to be involved in physical activities than mental labour.

Air Hands

The Air hand is recognised by square palm and comparatively long fingers. Surprisingly, such people are the opposite of people who belong to the Earth hands category. Where Earth hands people love to spend more time outside their den, the Air hands like to spend time with their closed ones amongst the intellectual lot. Such people are mostly hyper and always have a bubble of stress hovering over their heads. They are mostly busy with something or the other. The air hands are good communicators and are good at addressing people publicly. Unfortunately, such people have a hard time when it comes to commitment in a relationship, the reason being busy all the time.

Fire Hands

The fire hand is recognised by a rectangular, flat hand with uneven fingers. People who fall in this category are the most energetic of them all and also those who love adventure. They are mostly busy and spend less time lazing around. Such people are very impatient but they turn out to be the best leaders in both personal and professional front. Often they are the best guide to people who approach them for suggestions and team leadership. They are also very charming and very clear about their likes and dislikes. The fast learners are widely known for their selfless love and sacrifice.

Water Hands

The water hand is recognised by rectangular, flat hands with long fingers. People falling in this category are very sensitive and emotional. Even though they are controlled when it comes to feelings, when affected they lose control. They are considered good listeners but have trouble dealing with emotional issues inside. Due to this, it becomes difficult for them to adapt to new setup and situations which challenge them. Any activity where their emotions are likely to toss they escape from it.

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