Life Line

Life Line

lifeline on palm reading is one of the major lines amongst the others in palmistry. The age-old study is prepared based on certain calculation, monitoring and observations. A lot of people across the world believe in it and plan their life accordingly.

Where is Your Life Line on Your Palm? 

It starts from the edge of the palm and crosses from between the thumb and the forefinger till the base of the thumb.

A lot of people think that it is only there to tell about the person’s lifeline. Instead, it is a mix of information that the astrologers predict from the line.

Lifeline in Hand Meaning in Palmistry

It foretells about the person’s life ideology, energy and also if you are likely to get any serious illness or accident over life.

How Many Types of Lifeline in Palmistry?

No lifeline on palm
No lifeline does not show a good sign. It indicates bad health, accidents and short life.

Long deep line on palm
A long deep life line shows good immunity, health and the power to resist all kinds of diseases.

Short lifeline on palm
A short lifeline shows a shy kind of nature. It does not show a short lifeline. It also shows that you are down to earth. But unfortunately, other people can overrule and dominate you.

Thick lifeline on palm
The person who has a thick life line is considered to be very good in physical activities like sports.

Faded line on palm
Faded line depicts illness hovering over life. For females, you are likely to get gynaecological problems and make people can get problems like prostatitis. In the early years, your career graph might not be very high but in the later years, you are likely to get better.

Semi-circular on palm
A semi-circular curve in the lifeline shows that you are a person full of energy and enthusiasm. You are active and also positive.

Straight-line close to the Thumb
The straight line close to the thumb is opposite to the semi-circular one. Such people get tired easily, are dull and lack activeness.

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Age on Lifeline Palmistry

The age of lifeline is not an accurate calculation. It is based on predefined assumption and calculation according to which the Palm reader predicts.

It is a complex process that divides the lines into parts or age intervals and according to different types of lines and their placement one can know the age span accordingly.

It is advised not to completely trust the life span prediction and live your life according to that. The lines on the palms keep changing, so is your destiny. So, trust your karma.

  • Broken Lifeline: A broken life line depicts not a good time in life. It shows accidents, illness, and uncalled events. If a big section of the line is broken then the problem will last longer.

  • Multiple short lines cutting the Lifeline: It means that some mishap or danger is going to take place in your life. It also predicts bad health and multiple difficulties in life. The darker the lines the more severity of the situation.

  • Chained Lifeline: When there are multiple lines chained on the lifeline then it indicates poor health, poor digestive system.

  • Island on Lifeline: The island on the lifeline shows a certain kind of illness to trap you over a specific time. The size of the island depicts the span of illness or problem.

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