Children Line in Palmistry

Children Line in Palmistry

Children are the heartbeat of their parents. Even before a child is born parents begin the preparation to make this world a safe and secure place for them. They start all the planning and make the necessary arrangements whichever is possible!
With the introduction of palmistry, it has become easy to know about the future of your child and how he or she would turn out to be. This age-old study can only be understood by an expert astrologer, who is proficient in the study and gives the right prediction. Astroyogi has the best astrologers who can assist you in all kinds of astrological matters anywhere anytime.
It is located above the marriage line in the form of upright lines. These are vertical lines which root out of the marriage line most of the time. The children the lines tell about don't need to be only biological kids instead it includes adopted, foster etc. Any child with whom you have a special bond.

Children Line Meaning in Palmistry

It is considered that the number of lines indicates the number of children you are likely to have. The deep lines indicate the birth of a male child while the light ones signify the birth of a female. If the lines are very short and disrupted then it foretells about abortion or miscarriage which you might have faced or likely to.
If the children line in the male palm is quite prominent then the kids are likely to be healthy, but it is the opposite then they might be weak. On the other hand, children's line in a woman's hand tells about the number of kids and their physical appearance.

Types of Children Line

The different types of children lines have a unique meaning which makes the prediction more personalised and relatable.
Forked children line
If by chance your children line is forked towards the end then it indicates twins!
Deep & dark children line
If the children line in either of you have a deep & dark line then it indicates the birth of a male child.
Narrow & Shallow children line
People with narrow & shallow children line are likely to have a baby girl.
Island in the beginning
If you have an island formed at the beginning of your children line then your kids are likely to be weak and can fall ill frequently.
Island at the end
If the island is formed at the end of the children line then indicates that the children are hard to bring up.
Curved or uneven children line
Such lines indicate not very good health for your child. It means that the child is likely to be ill often.

Number of children you are likely to have according to Palmistry

The mounts on your palm signify various planets.
The mount on the base of the thumb indicates planet Venus. If it is in a thick and firm form then it signifies good sexual life and has many kids. But if the same is flat and well developed then you are likely to have few children.
People with a very small little finger can have few children.
If there are multiple lines on the marriage line of both or below the base of the little finger in a chained form then, unfortunately, you might not have children.
If there is an intersection on the health line or wisdom line or the centre of the wrist then the woman is unlikely to conceive or even have children.

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