Heart Line in Palmistry

Heart Line in Palmistry

One of the most important aspects of palm reading is the lines. Apart from the hand type, finger type’s etc lines are considered the most important. Amongst the various lines, the heart line is one of the most important.
Also called the love line, it is located right above the headline and the lifeline. It runs from under the index finger to the little finger.

Meaning of Heart Line

The heart line is known to depict the emotional aspect of the person in terms of love. It also signifies the relationship with the partner. It also indicates the health of the heart. It purely shows one’s ideology concerning love and how you look at it. Whether you are a casual lover, a serious one or a complicated one, it gives the idea about your nature and approach in terms of love. It also shows your marriage harmony status, whether you would have a smooth marital life or a struggling one.
If your heart line in palmistry is unbroken, straight, not faded or curved and looks clean then your emotions are in control and right track. It signifies that you have a good life. If by chance it has a few additions or subtraction concerning fork or branches it gives a detailed and different meaning.

Length of Heart Line

The length of the heart line is also an essential part to be considered when predicting palm reading.
If the heart line in palm reading is absent or extends till the index finger then the person is considered to be very selfish and possess a narrow mindset. Such people do not think before doing anything and are not even bothered about the consequences. Unfortunately, they do not have a smooth love life because of their nature and are mostly left alone by others.
Very long
People with very long heart lines which run from one end to the other are rigid. They do not believe in bending and are very straight forward. Such people have a good career but are accompanied by hard times. They are very romantic people and loyal but can break down during a breakup.

Types of Heart Line

If a person has a curved heartline in hand which goes upwards then they excel at creating a romantic environment and vocal about their feelings.
A downward curved heart line indicates a weak personality. Such people lack expression and are likely to make their partner emotionally uncomfortable due to their negative side. They are likely to face complications in their relationship or marriage.
People who have straight heartline are stable. Such people are also conservative and easy to approach. Even though you are a shy person when talking about relationships. With no interruption or disruption in your line, you are likely to have a smooth love life.
Branches & forks
Branches and forks on the lines change the prediction for the person completely. Branches are the tiny multiple lines which merge out of the main lines or fall around or in the lines. On the other hand, forks are two prominent lines which emerge from the main one.
There are multiple types of branches & forks. An expert astrologer will study that for you and predict accordingly. As from the best at Astroyogi! They have been providing access to the best astrologers anywhere and anytime for two decades.
Broken Palm
At times people think they do not have heartline on the palm, it is because for some the line merges with the head line which is called a simian line. People with such a scenario are known to be very rigid and stubborn. They can have a good career but their nature might harm relationships with family, friends and loved ones.
In some cases when these two lines cut each other, they have two ends parallel to each other. It is called a false broken palm. For such people, the relationship is a bumpy ride and in the middle age, you are likely to face separation.
Age on Heartline
To calculate the age probability of the person, the palmist draws a parallel line to the heart line. The centre is considered to be the age period 50 to 55. Accordingly, the age span is calculated by the astrologer. Mostly, the astrologer does not tell such a prediction and asks you not to trust it as it is based on probability.

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