Types of Nails

Types of Nails

The fingernails play a very important part of palmistry. In spite of being a very old study, astrologers still practice it and have helped a lot of people across the world. It is the art of knowing yourself with your physical appearance. Our hands play an important role in carving our life. What we do, perform, practice is all done by us.

Types of Nails in Palmistry

Vertical long fingernails: People who have such nails are considered to be very warm and full of romance. They are very creative and imaginative. But on the contrary, they are also very naïve as they easily trust people. Due to this, they get hurt easily. They need to be more alert and guarded to succeed in life before anyone destroys their fortune.

Wide fingernails: You are pro at debates, those who have wide fingernails. You are very vocal about your views and make sure to let people know about your open-mindedness. Unfortunately, it is often comprehended as being short-tempered. Such people often think from the heart rather than the brain. Luck wise you fair well but putting in more effort is the key to success than cheap tricks.

Rounded or oval-shaped Fingernails: Such people like to stay in their shell. They are very social and possess good communication skills. But often such people are misunderstood which leads to a bad impression. Apart from that, you are someone who can easily get along with all kinds of people.

Square- shaped Fingernails: Such people are strong, sober and also serious. At times over seriousness often restricts them to make relationships and appear opposite to what they are. Good luck is seen at work and wealth. Such people also appear to be good leaders.

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Triangular Fingernails: People with triangular nails have a sharp observation and notice the minute details which others are likely to ignore. Such people are stubborn and oversensitive at the same time. They also get agitated when people do things at their pace.

Almond-shaped fingernails: Such people are considered as the best package. They have a controlled temper, honest, kind and are mannered. They cannot tolerate injustice and at times it can show the negative side of the person. When such people get irritated due to relationships or other factors in life, they step aside, clear their mind and then deal with the problem.

Sword-shaped fingernails: Such people are goal-oriented. Once their goal is decided they put in all the efforts to work on it and achieve! No difficulty blocks their focus to accomplish the goal. They get disturbed when others do not match their pace. They are not teamwork kind people. They are also very impatient due to which they lose a lot of things which they can earn overtime.

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