Bracelet Line

Bracelet Line

Palmistry is a very vast study where each line, type of hand, fingers, fingernails etc depict your unique life and its aspects. Amongst the various important lines, there are also some lines which have unique meaning and prediction related to life. One of them is the bracelet line. It is also called Rascette lines.

It is located when the wrist and the palm join. For a male, the left hand is considered dominant and for female, the right hand while examining the bracelet line. Mostly, people have three lines but there are only few who have distinct three lines without other marks, cuts or breaks in them.

Bracelet Line Meaning in Palmistry

All three bracelet lines have different meanings and highlight a different aspect of life.

First-line in bracelet line in Palmistry

The first bracelet line indicates one's health and wealth in youth approx. till the age of 28.  If the lines are dark, visible and thick then you are likely to have a good life. But if it is the opposite then you might suffer from bad health if you do not take care and can be lean in the physique.

Curved & Broken Line

If you have a curved and broken line then there are high chances of you developing late during your childhood and should prevent health problems like kidney & lung diseases. Women who have such lines are likely to have complications while delivering a baby.

Second line in bracelet line in Palmistry

The second line indicates your health and wealth in the middle age of until 56. It is similar to the first line, if the line is prominent and thick then it predicts good health with a few illnesses which are not fatal.

Curved & broken line

If the line is curved, broken or crooked then it shows bad health, illness and a few additional health problems.

Third Line in Bracelet Line in Palmistry

This line indicates one's health and wealth status after the age of 56. The long, thick and evident line shows good health and some regular illness.

Curved & broken line

A faded and curved line shows weak body, illness and in the worst case, one might not have the strength to survive the old age.

Fourth line in Bracelet Line in Palmistry

A dark and visible line shows good social presence and also that you are likely to have many children. Only a few people have this line and are blessed with good luck and generations of his or her bloodline.

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Types of Marks on the Bracelet Line in Palmistry

  • Island: If you have an island on your bracelet line then you are someone who does not use her energy properly and gets drained out easily. In cases, where the island is on the first line and the other two lines are quite dark and visible then you irrespective of anything you are likely to enjoy good, health wealth and luck. The person can overcome problems over time.

  • Chain: If the first line of the bracelet set has chains then according to palmistry, then the youth life will be full of problems. The person can be physically and mentally depressed most of the time. But if hard work is out to overcome this problem then the person can improve his or her state. If the first line has chains and the other lines are also faded and broken then the person will be very weak health-wise due to which he or she will not be able to enjoy the good things in life. Likely, they may not have a very long life. Women might have complications in delivery.

  • Cross: If there are crosses on the bracelet line then it indicates poor health at an early age but a good time in the middle and later stage of life. But if the bracelet line has multiple crosses then the person is likely to suffer illness. Men may have kidney problems while women can find it hard to conceive.

  • Square: If the bracelet line is in squares then it predicts injury for women and kidney problem for men.

  • Break: A break in any of the lines indicates an exhausted life, where the person does not have good stamina to do what he or she desires. If there are breaks in all the lines then the women are likely to face miscarriage, ovary disease etc . on the other hand, for men kidney problem along with other prevailing diseases. It will affect the love life of the person.

  • Star: If there is a star on the first bracelet line and the other two lines are quite clear then it indicates unexpected wealth.

  • Sharp corner: A sharp corner right in the middle of the bracelet line predicts that you are likely to be placed at a high position, whether it is at work or in personal life.

Bracelet Line Intersecting with Other Lines

  • Lifeline: If the bracelet line intersects with lifeline which is clear and long with no other special marks then it foretells longevity in your life.

  • Fate line: If the bracelet line is accompanied by a fate line from the beginning then it is not a good sign. It indicates frustration and disappointments in life. By chance the fate line stops at the headline then it might show failure in career.

  • Health line: If the health line touches the bracelet line then you might fall weak due to overwork. Such people should maintain distance from women and alcohol.

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