Marriage Line

Marriage Line

Palmistry is a very old branch of astrology. It is the art of reading and predicting one's future, destiny and various events that are likely to occur and affect your life in both good and bad ways.

In palmistry, the astrologer carefully examines lines, types of hands, fingers etc. Each of it is divided into various categories and signifies one or the other aspect of life.

Lifeline, children line, heartline are some of the important lines. Amongst these of the most important lines is the marriage line. Marriage is considered as one of the most pious unions between two individuals and also one of the most important phases of life.

We all desire a stress-free life and want to plan out every event in life before to avoid any mishap. Surprisingly, palmistry helps us do so. It makes it easy to be prepared for any uncalled events to reduce its frequency of effect.
The dominant hand is considered the mirror of your life.

The marriage line is located under the little finger above the heart line below the base of the little finger. It is mostly located on the mount of Mercury.

Marriage Line Meaning

The marriage line is also called the relationship line. It depicts the love relationship of the person. It also foretells about the person’s perception regarding love matters, how he or she is in love etc. It also tells about the person’s timing for marriage.

Since everyone cannot have the same lines, the length of the marriage line has been categorised accordingly to match with each one.

Short Marriage Line
The short marriage line shows a lack of compassion, love and intimacy in one’s nature and life. If the line is shallow then it is likely that the person is not able to find the right match and most probably will get married late.

Long Marriage Line
The long straight marriage line is the opposite of short. A person with such a line has a good love life and is likely to enjoy a good family life too. He is full of love, surrounded by love. If there is only one line and is dark and prominent then the person is like to have one marriage after which he will succeed in all spheres of life.

Consult to Palm ReaderTypes of Marriage Lines

Broken lines
The broken marriage line does not show a good sign. It means stress and setbacks in marriage. In the worst case, it can lead to disputes with the partner and also divorce. The size of the broken line determines the frequency of damage in the relationship. If it is less than one can make up for it and resolve issues.
Curved downward
The downward movement of the marriage line is not good. The sharp downward movement means sudden death of your partner. It can be due to an accident or some other way. If the line touches the heart line then can also lead to ego problems with the partner or lead to separation.
Curved upwards
If the marriage line is curved upwards then it signifies a good time in love and marriage. It shows prosperity on the career and relationship front. You will have good compatibility with your partner.

Types of Mount Line

Mount line split at the end
It is not a good sign. It shows problems in marriage. It depicts a marriage full of conflicts, disputes and other problems.

Mount line split in the beginning
The split, in the beginning, shows a problem in love life or marriage. In some cases, it can lead to divorce. The size of the fork determines the complexity of the situation. If it is small then the problem can be handled, if it is bog then the problem can be big.

Number of Marriage Lines

No Marriage Line
If the marriage line is not present then it shows that the person does not have any desire to love or be in a relationship. He or she is not very emotional and is not in favour of marriage. They lack attraction and love or marriage is not an important part of their lives. Such a situation is not permanent as lines keep changing.

Two Marriage Mines
Mostly two marriage lines mean the person will marry twice. But it is not always the same. If the lines are clear then it shows good marriage and relationship. If the lines are the parallel and same length it shows change of luck but if it is vice-versa then it shows infidelity.

3 or More Marriage Line
People with these 3 or more lines are romantics but not marriage material. They enjoy the feeling of love but not good when it comes to a commitment like marriage. They have multiple affairs. The more the number the more it is not a good sign.

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