Sun Line in Palmistry

Sun Line in Palmistry

The Sunline is also called the Apollo line. It is considered as the sister line to the fate line. For those who do not have a fate line, this line compensates for it.
The Sunline begins from the mount of the moon and runs till the base of the ring finger.
If it extends from the wrist to headline it shows the likelihood of fame at a young age.
If the Sun Line runs from headline to heart line according to the astrologers it shows luck between teenage and late ’30s.
If the Sunline is seen running between the heart line and ring finger base, the person is likely to attain fame in the ’40s till the end of life.
People who are inclined towards art, literature and are writers this line proves to be lucky for them. Such people can also be bestowed with good fortune and money without doing any work due to lottery or inherited wealth.
In some cases the Sunline is not visible halfway, in such a situation according to palmistry, most likely the person will get fame in the second half of his or her life.
Usually, the fate line is responsible for the share of fortune in one’s life but if it is absent in the person then the Sunline can help attain luck and prosperity.

Variations in Sunline

  1. Star: f there is a star on the Sunline then it assures fame and fortune to the person throughout the line and even afterlife.
  2. Island: If there is an Island on the Sunline then the person is likely to be depressed most of the time.
  3. Scissors: If by chance there is a scissor on the Sunline, it is going to bring obstacles in career life.
  4. Dot: People with a dot on their Sunline indicates that they are surrounded by people who are jealous of their success.

Types of Sunline

  1. Too short: People with too short Sunline are predicted to live an ordinary life.
  2. Absent: If there is no Sunline then there is no scope for the person to achieve success even if he or she put in all their efforts.
  3. Clear line: People with clear Sunline have an inclination towards art and literature and a good choice in the same too.
  4. Narrow line: Unfortunately, a narrow line depicts a frustrated or troubled life and also a hard marriage to cope with. Luckily, the second half of life is likely to shower fame on you.

Types of Sunline ending

Sunline ending at the heart line
If the Sunline is ending at the heart line the person is considered to be a very generous person.
Sunline ending at the headline
People who have the Sunline ending at the headline are considered good scholars and intelligent.
Sunline ending at fate line
Luckily, people who have the Sunline ending at the fate line have high chances of being popular at any age.
Sunline ending at the lifeline
People with such a line are expected to be very famous.
Sunline divides like a fork at start or end
When Sunline divides like a fork at the start or ends the person is predicted to enjoy a happy and wealthy life.
Gaps on Sunline
If there are gaps in Sunline then the person knows many kinds of skills but is not a master of any.
Cross on Sunline
If there is a cross on Sunline, it can be downfall and loss of reputation in life.
Wavy Sunline
A wavy Sunline shows that the person is a learned person but not very lucky.
A black dot on the Sunline
A black dot on the Sunline shows that the person is likely to have a bad reputation.
The rectangle on the Sunline
People who have a rectangle on the Sunline are into saving money.
Short or crossline on Sunline
A short or crossline shows that the person is fickle-minded. 
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