Fate Line in Palmistry

Fate Line in Palmistry

A fate line is considered to depict the frequency and quantity of luck and fortune in one’s life according to palmistry. It also shows the status of its presence and absence too. It is one of the most important lines like heart and headline.
The fate line is a straight line that runs from the base of the palm to the top near the index or middle finger. It is also known as the Saturn line.

How Many Types Fate Line in Palmistry

No fate line
People who do not have a fate line does not mean they do not have any scope of luck or prosperity. The lines keep changing over time so is destiny. If by chance when you show your hand to the astrologer there is no fate line it indicates frequent changes in career and no permanent occupation.
Deep and long fate line
A deep and long fate line shows stability in a professional approach. It can mean that the person can or has started a new business or career.
Narrow fate line but thin in the middle
Such a line promises a smooth career during the young years of life but unfortunately, bad after middle age.
Shallow fate line
A shallow fate line predicts hardships accompanied by twists and turns at every step. Even if the person puts in all the hard work he or she is likely not to receive an achievement.
Narrow and unclear fate line
If the fate line is unclear then the destiny is likely to change to either good or bad. It is not stagnant also one destiny is not going to carry on for the entire life.

Intersection or association of fate line with other lines in palmistry

Starting from lifeline
If the fate line starts from the lifeline then it depicts that the person is full of immense energy. Their hard work will increase the present social status. Whether you have overflowing wealth or less you are happy with what you possess.
Starting from headline
People with a fate line starting from the headline are likely to achieve success after the age of 35 and before that, they might face difficulties and problems. Life post 35 assures success and good fortune.
Surrounded by the lifeline
Such people are predicted to be infatuated towards already committed people and this is expected to cause a lot of problems and trouble in your career life.
If the fate line ends at the heart line then your emotional side is going to affect your career or business.
Runs through headline
Such people who have the fate line running through the headline should marry first and start the business as it would benefit in life.
If it does not cross the headline
It shows good wealth in the young years of life but shows that the person is fickle-minded.
Fate line stopped at the headline
People who have the fate line stopped at the headline then you are likely to quit work due to wrong judgment and in spite of being talented.
If the end of the fate line is faded and thin then that period of life is assumed to be difficult for you.
Break from head to heart
If there is a break at the beginning of the fate line when it runs from head to heart then after 40 good luck and fortune are likely to fade away.
But after 55 there is a probability it can revive.
Break from base
If there is a break at the base of the fate line then the person is likely to have a rough childhood and not so good academics record.
Break in the middle of the palm
If there is a break in the middle of the palm then the person is likely to get a setback in career and property loss.
A line with multiple gaps
When people have a line with multiple gaps they are considered to be half-hearted at work. It indicates switches in jobs.
At the end
If there is a fork at the end of the fate line the person has a high probability to become famous and rich.
At the base of the palm
If the fork is at the base of the palm then the person is likely to have uncontrolled desires and fluctuating fortune. 
Branch extending
If there is a branch extending from the fate line then it predicts a powerful and successful official career.
Island in fate line
Island on the fate line indicates a blockage in the career path. As the size of the island increases the seriousness of the problem simultaneously.
If there are chains in the fate line then it is considered to bring unhappiness in life and poor concentration in any work that the person picks up.
Chained at end
If the chains appear at the end of the fate line then the career does not go smoothly and the person is likely to suffer financial loss in old age.

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