Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope

(Friday, Oct 07, 2022)

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A loved one comes across as somewhat distant at this time. Don`t worry, it`s just temporary. Don`t dwell on this bad mood and the negative energy coming your way. Move on, be patient and do something with friends or family. Do not get into an unnecessary argument. By doing something fun and interesting with your partner you will feel much better. Things will get back to normal soon so don`t worry.
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Today you spend lavishly on your partner and it will give you immense pleasure. You may even spend your funds on things like massages and other sensual pleasures that bring you both a little joy. Use this time and money to bring you two together and give you some nice memories to treasure.
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Today you may find that you keep engaging in small squabbles with your partner, and are not even sure how it keeps happening. At the very least today, make sure you are focusing on the issue at hand, and are not blindly attacking your partner. This will take an otherwise healthy relationship and sow the seeds of anger and resentment. Use your language skills to clear up misunderstandings today.
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