Aquarius Lover

Aquarius Lover

Aquarians - the freedom fighters of the zodiac, in the sense for you, love and marriage does not necessarily go hand in hand. You are protective when it comes to your independence, and you guard it fiercely. Funny that you think so because you are also someone who believes in true love, someone who is looking for a best friend in your soul mate. While your friends might like to call you ‘laid back’ and ‘chilled out’ as a person but in love you can be downright unpredictable and irrational.

 A large number of Aquarians marry young in haste or out of the blue, and one fine day your marriage is a history. The ever shifting Aquarian is ruled by the planet of surprise and sudden moves. Hence, you face the challenge to even figure out what you want and then sticking to your decision. But it’s not fair to just blame it on the planets. Is it? The real issue wherein lies in the fact that you are ‘bizarre’ creatures. Everyone should diligently follow the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ when it comes to you. You have a lot of complex layers dwelling inside you who secretly believes, nobody can understand you. This leads you to settle for a ‘significant other’ with whom you share absolutely nothing, because you don’t like to be alone. Never do it, instead mingle around with people with whom you share deep and common interest. Since you allow limited number of people to invade your personal space, doing so will allow you to share your personal space. Those who fall in love with you definitely need to share the same thoughts and intellectual interests. You definitely want somebody with whom you can laugh, kick and rule the world.

Long distance relationships never work for a lot of people. But it’s not same with you because you love your freedom, long distance relationships might just be apt for you. Why it works for you? You believe in connection with your partner on the mental frame of mind rather than seeing them every day. Once you are in love, you will make efforts to compromise, adjust and accommodate even if he/she is not exactly the one you imagined to be. You area home loving person who finds immense pleasure cooking and doing other domestic activities. You believe in loving with your mind and eyes as well.

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