Aquarius Season

Preface: Has the party started again, Light Air

Aquarius zodiac dates begin on January 20th and go till February 18th. After all the toils and troubles of the last month, it is finally time to chill out. The mood should be lightened after all the future planning is now done. It is ok to do what you want to do during these Aquarius dates. You must choose your crowd wisely. You need to be around people who accept you; this will give you more contentment than anything else.

Be you, be accepted for that, and accept others for what they are too. You will see that nothing major you would be doing during this time in your life. This is going to be a fun rejuvenation of your physical and mental selves. You have earned it. So, be fine with not doing anything concrete while the Aquarius month is running in its full glory.

This way of living can make you realize what is important for you and how you want to see your life to be, in coming years. Aquarius is the zodiac that is ruled by Uranus, the planet which has its basis on communication, chaos, and weird changes. This is the time to be free-spirited and believe in your capabilities, while tending to your needs and wants.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign and that is why you will see freshness acclimated in your life during the Aquarius month. This zodiac is known to be highly intelligent and all over the place. Thus while partying you can also find yourself to be indulged in some intellectual conversations which can sway you off. This season is all about expecting the unexpected and embracing the changes.

Aquarius Season

Aquarius season comes to teach you how to be a balanced individual. While being a very individualistic sign, you will bore qualities of helping people and being a provider in any which way. You will get connected with like-minded people and groups which will promote your growth and be a reason for your upliftment. There will be sudden urges to break the notion and follow what your heart desires. You will look forward to what your actual needs are and you will forget what is expected normally out of you.

Curiosity will run naturally in your veins in this Aquarius season. Your hands will be in different activities and you will accept everything that comes your way with an open mind. There will be some sort of inner relief that will come in waves to you. It is time to relax and take everything as it comes in the end. Be happy with all the work that you managed to do in the past seasons, share your knowledge that you acquired, and entertain people with the stories you made while meeting new people. 

You will find creative freedom in your work accompanied with the light-hearted days, coming to you this Aquarius month. This will help you to work in a much better way. You will find new and smart ways of doing your work because of the refreshed mood that you are having.
It will be easy for you to accept others ideas, you will crave for such connections and conversations. Even though you are taking the season as it comes, you will still feel some progress going on either in your work or in relationships.

Aquarius Month in general

The Aquarius month is going to be great for Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. All the air signs will see the best things coming their way. Your personalities will improve and you will breathe again after all the hard work that was put on your shoulders past season. It is time to bring your party shoes out and play your cards again. The limelight is on you guys, so make the most out of this month.

The worst effects will fall on all the water signs. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpios will find it very hard to enjoy anything. If you don't feel like being a part of this extravaganza, it’s ok. Be comfortable in this Aquarius month and be calm if that is all you want to feel. Your emotions might be heightened due to all the transformation and shifts in energy. During times like this, be aloof and do things that give you happiness and bliss. 

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