Aquarius Man

Preface: Let's revolutionize things by experiments

An Aquarius is very unpredictable just like the flow of air, the key element they are made of. They can indulge you in conversations that seem unworldly. It is a good mixture of weird and fascinating. They are great communicators and thus have a lot of friends and suitors singing praises in their names. They are super smart and highly interested in innovation and revolutionary ideas.

The Aquarius man's personality sways between being sweet and ignorant. They can be insensitive sometimes because they are not certain of their feelings. The need for change is deep-rooted in their systems. They are automatically attracted to intellect. It is hard for them to stick around people who are feeble and shallow.

They have an extremely attractive and glittery aura around them. Aquarius man can get easily bored with people, situations or their work. Thus, they must have a job that has a considerable amount of flexibility. If they are forced to work in a restrictive environment then chances are high that they can't give their best in what they do. 

Aquarius Man Traits and Characteristics:

The basic Aquarius man traits include being a rebellion, unique, charismatic, and spontaneous. They always think out of the box and are known for doing something against societal rules and agendas. Aquarius traits in a man are dominant in every aspect of life, be it personal or professional. They don't have many faces and habits to adopt, they are the same everywhere. This proves to be a downfall for them in day to day life. 

They have extreme moods. They are either black or white; there is no grey area for them. An Aquarius might be very close to you or completely detached. For them, it is always about investing time for their own best interests. 

Thoughtful, have vivid hobbies and surely carry a passion, these are the Aquarius characteristics in a man. They have deep interests in human rights and such issues. They have the zeal to change the world by either their rebellion or by their innovative thinking. Due to being an air sign, they are highly unpredictable and kind of extremists.

Aquarius Man in Love

An Aquarius man in love is very hard to keep. They are very uncertain of their feelings and gravity of the relationship. They like to be free when they are in love and give complete space to their partner from the start. It’s not in Aquarius man traits to be selfish and demanding in love. They are ruled by the planet Uranus and thus are always in the mood of experiments. They carry the same thing in their love life. It takes a very strong and interesting partner to keep an Aquarius Man stable for a long time.

This doesn't imply that they are bad at heart. It's just in their nature to keep looking for new things. But once in love, they can be great friends to their partners. Being in love with an Aquarius feels like falling in love with your best friend. This kind of relationship always feels pleasant and comforting.

An important Aquarius characteristic in man is pushing their loved ones to achieve more in their lives. They always support the ideas of their partners and help them to achieve the unachievable. An Aquarius man believes in giving pleasure and comfort to others. They are soft inside; it just takes the right partner to see through their crazy minds.

You have to be communicative to attract an Aquarius man. They are very frank and most of the time they prefer friendship over any other relationship. Be ready to follow the same track to get him. 
They are very frank so you should be open for extreme deep talks and also some innocent judgments from their end.

Aquarius Man Compatibility with Other Signs

Aquarius Man often is highly compatible with signs like Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. This is because people with Aquarius zodiac give importance to interesting things and facts. They need someone who can teach them something new always. Aquarius being the air sign can’t handle stability. Thus they never go well with signs like Taurus and Scorpio. They are never ready to settle and thus don’t go well with most of the Earth signs.

Aquarius needs someone who can give them some mental peace while also being entertaining. They value friendship more thus are not stable in emotionally driven souls and zodiacs.

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