Aquarius Traits

Aquarians are born between January 21 and February 19 and are part of the zodiac's Air dimension (along with Gemini and Libra-with whom they have the most romantic compatibility, FYI). 

Aquarius-born is reserved and quiet but can be eccentric and aggressive on the other hand. In both cases, though, they're deep thinkers and highly intelligent people who want to support others. On both sides, they can see without bias which makes them people who can solve problems easily. Though they can easily adjust to the energy that surrounds them, in order to regain strength, Aquarians are born to have a deep need to be alone for some time and away from everything. Born under the Aquarius symbol, people see the universe as a place full of possibilities.

Aquarius' ruling planet, Uranus has a shy, abrupt and often violent disposition but it also gives imaginative qualities to Aquarius. They are able to predict the future and in five or ten years from now, they know exactly what they want to be doing. Uranus also gave them the ability to change rapidly and easily and they're known as thinkers, socialists and humanists. They feel comfortable in a group or culture, so they are continuously seeking to be surrounded by others.
The emblem of Aquarius is the Bearer of water. Aquarians lavish the world with their reflections and fresh ideas in much the same way that the Water Bearer carries the precious liquid as a gift. Luckily they are at a near-genius stage for the Aquarius horoscope sign (and the rest of us), and their minds churn out some amazing stuff. Their thought process is also innovative and creative. Although Aquarians are able to deliver such concepts as a gift with no strings attached, when the rest of the world agrees with them, they are much happier.

Aquarius Positive Traits

An Aquarius is extremely open-minded and likes to think differently and do things than others. They think about things for themselves and want to keep an open mind. They don’t like to judge a book by its cover.

Aquarians have an innovative attitude. They pride themselves in using art as a way to express themselves. Aquarius does not obey the crowd because of their competitive existence, and that is why they excel in the areas of innovation.

The sign is the most humane of all the 12 signs of the zodiac. They are caring and compassionate, and they truly enjoy working to serve mankind. Aquarius has an enormous spirit and a gentle corner for all the world's humanitarian problems.

They are an intellectual genius and their original ideas will amaze others. Aquarians are moral radicals and will defend their opinions clearly. They have tremendous influence in defining and interpreting abstract concepts.

Free Spirited
An Aquarius is a true free spirit which would move them away from any attempt to stop them from being who they really are. To try out their innovative ideas as an air sign they need their own space and freedom.

Aquarius Negative Traits

It can be hard to guess what they will do next. They seem to be really unpredictable, they do something that totally shocks you just when you think you are getting to know them.

They can at times be seen as contradictory due to an ever-changing and developing identity. It is not, however, because they are inconsistent in who they are, it is their acts which tend to reflect their inconsistency.

Aquarius does things which cross the boundaries. Even their rage is beyond imagination, too. They can be to a degree very sad, upset, irritated and even very happy. Aquarians are regarded as extremists.

As open-minded as it is, Aquarius is a firm sign. This means they are stubborn people, so they always have trouble changing their minds about anything once it's set for. As for their views, they are very stubborn.

They are fast thinkers and they hardly care about the potential consequences. Aquarians have a sense of liberation and never want to be limited by what others think of them and who they want them to be. They want to express their rights, and sometimes are able to do so.

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