Aquarius Moon

Before we speak directly on the Moon in Aquarius, let's think for a moment about the Moon first. Astrologers regard the Moon as a planet, and since it travels so rapidly it goes through each of the twelve zodiac signs once a month. Just as the Sun is put in our birth table, so is the Moon.

Regardless of what your sign is, we all get drawn into the power of the Aquarius Moon for a few days each month. This is the time when we are more inclined to march our own rhythm to the music. Aquarius is anything but a cookie-cutter, and this lunation will have us try to find out what makes us special so we can share it with the world.

Aquarians are social butterflies wherever they go, making friends and influencing people. This is not surprising considering the 11th House of Friendships governs Aquarius! As the Moon moves into this gregarious sign, you will feel the urge to call your friends, make plans, get out and interact with those around you.

Also, the Aquarius Moon may have you feeling a little more defiant and spontaneous than normal. You can crave freedom from your daily life and distraction. If you feel stuck in a rut, this is when you are going to attempt to change your routine or break old habits.

Born with Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius is strange, since the Moon is about our gut instincts, our moods, and how we emotionally react to things. The paradox here is that Aquarius is an Air sign which means that it is more concerned with mental functions than with human emotional messiness. That doesn't include anyone in Aquarius who don't have feelings for their native Moon. Instead, they sound more analytical.

Lunar Aquarians have a rather idealistic and egalitarian nature which is also admirable. When the Moon is in Aquarius, however, natives will always reject the more unreasonable qualities of emotions such as envy, possessiveness, and fear in an attempt to be "above" what they deem to be "peace." Lunar Aquarians may be emotionally confused, distant and disconnected when this goes too far.

When the Moon is in Aquarius the Aquarian propensity to be humane shows up strongly. Even generally, their compassion and empathy for others is more of a specific philosophy of life. Moon in Aquarius natives can seem to lack compassion for those close to them, because they always completely expect others to be as strong and distant as they are! However, in intimate, personal relationships, Aquarians usually offer a lot of personal independence to others and they will accept and appreciate all kinds of peculiarities in people around them.

People in Aquarius Moon are rarely headstrong people, but when it comes to the little things in life they can be unreliable. Sometimes, this is just an assurance of their independence. They are very persistent in the long haul though, as Aquarius is a fixed sign. People are trustworthy and respectful so long as they have their own room and the right to be themselves, however kooky they might be. Aquarians usually make perfect buddies. They are going to make a point of not leaving anyone outside. Many are going to fight for the rights of others, and campaign for equality.

What may shock me is that people born with the Moon in Aquarius have a lot of pride. In fact, they can become very inflexible and cool when they have been attacked in some way (especially concerning their character). It can be hard to know just how prone Aquarians are to criticism, simply because they cover it so well. When their character or actions are attacked, they appear to dig in their heels, and try to do it right. They are completely expecting people to embrace them exactly as they are, or have no place in their lives for them.

Nevertheless, these maddeningly inconsistent people are very charming at times. They have an unmistakable stubborn streak, but they make unique and constantly fascinating people to be around when left to be themselves. Life obviously will not be the same without the extraordinary perspective on the planet and the people in it by the Lunar Aquarians!

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