Aquarius Personality

Aquarius, you are a highly independent sign and you don't like to be tied down much. There is so much to do and you love not only to see change, but also to be a part of it. Truly progressive in a very real sense, you are rarely one to follow the herd Aquarius. In fact, you are more likely to be the rebel who says otherwise. You thrive when you are pushing against societal norms; let's hope you have a cause! Unconventional in your nature, you are highly intelligent and always on the search for new ideas and perspectives. As open minded as you are Aquarius you can be stubborn when confronted. Your way is the way, and no one will tell you otherwise, even if you are proven wrong.

You are unique and curious about everything. You want to know more and Aquarius is also articulate, and loves to communicate with others. Emotions are not Aquarius forte, and sometimes it may seem like you are a little detached. In a lot of ways you are, and you prefer a no-strings attached approach to life. Sometimes taken as being a bit aloof, this also facilitates your ability to make change in the world. You must be free to do so. This does not mean that you will shy away from attachment and relationships, but you do require independence for your well being.

You are a straight talker Aquarius, and you like to get to the bottom of issues, and voice your opinion. There is often no middle ground for you, and this gives you something of an extremest feel. You don't middle because middle would be boring, and boredom is your worst disdain. Intellectual stimulation is extremely important to you, but remember not to pick on those whose minds you perceive as being dull. For the most part you are not a judgmental sign Aquarius; you have your way and other people have theirs. Although stubborn you do not impose yourself and others, and regard them as equals. Individuality is highly regarded in your sign. We are, after all, each of us a unique expression. This does give you something of an unpredictable nature.


Aquarius likes to meet new people and explore new places. They are drawn towards photography and art. They can connect well with people who write and are opinionated. Their strong and sensible personality makes them quite helpful. They expect everyone to be polite and well mannered. Aquarius will be happy as long as you are cordial. They respect people who are involved in humanitarian projects.


The Aquarius personality dislikes associating with ill mannered people. They can hold a grudge for a long time and find it hard to forgive those who have betrayed them earlier. They don't like being left alone. They dread loneliness and always seek out the company of likeminded people. They don't like it when you break promises so never make a promise to an Aquarian if you can't keep it.

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