Your health needs a little attention today as you are a little prone to falling sick. This would be the right time for you to change your eating habits. Try to avoid refined and processed food because it may lead to a downturn in your well-being. If you can turn around some of your unhealthy habits you should see your energy level begin to improve by the end of the day. A headache is likely today.
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Your optimistic attitude will be your biggest counter to a persistent ailment. Sound health will keep some of you in a cheerful mood. Keeping a positive outlook towards life will give a much-needed tonic to your health. At the same time it would be in your interest to get rid of your negative emotions to achieve a prolonged and enduring sense of well-being.

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Today you may find yourself feeling a bit sluggish. This is a temporary phase, but it is still important for you to fight this tendency to laze around the house. Make sure you at least get out for a brisk walk. Establishing this as a daily routine for yourself would be the best option for you. Convince yourself that what you need is exercise and you will be in the gym sooner than you think.
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