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Pisces Love Horoscope 2018

Matters of the heart are favoured for the Pisces native, throughout 2018. As long as you remain committed to being open and available to the love that’s present in your life, you should expect many pleasing exchanges, dear friend!

At the start of the year, Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17. This shift builds a fortunate platform that helps turn numerous situations in your favour. While you’re working on improving yourself, Pisces will be comforted with knowing they have their family’s full support. With loved ones backing everything you do, you’ll be confident enough to continue pursuing your goals.

On March 7, Mars transits to Sagittarius in your house of work. This will task you with the duty of separating professional hang-ups from your personal affairs. Don’t let the stress of your career come between you and your partner. Take the time to confide in them, instead. Share your concerns and listen to their advice – you never know how they may be able to help you sort things out.

As Saturn retrogrades in April, you could feel a shortage in the support you receive from your parents. Rather than become upset, try showering them with a little unconditional love. You attract what you send out into the universe, dear friend. If you choose to be the love you wish to feel, you’ll be able to overcome any lingering conflicts.

Sometimes, it takes extra effort to overcome turbulence in your personal relations. Mars’ transit to Capricorn on May 2 blesses Pisces in other areas, but it may not alleviate the strain between you and your loved ones. In fact, you could become worried about your children when the action planet retrogrades on June 27. The advice here is to remain positive so you can attract more favourable situations in the future.

If you do your best to keep your spirits high, things will begin to improve in your personal life. Mars returns to a progressive state on August 31, bringing considerable improvements in your relationships. As life with your mate evolves and you become immersed with support from a motherly figure, Pisces will feel overwhelmed with love – a well-deserved feeling! Gratitude will continue to consume you, as Jupiter shifts to Scorpio on October 14. The stars are preparing you for a soul-enriching elevation, open your heart to receive these blessings, dear friend.

In the final quarter of 2018, Pisces will take the next steps in commemorating a love that transforms everything you are. On November 9, Mars transits to Aquarius, which places you in a position to enjoy the support of your partner. Your mate won’t be able to deny how much they enjoy standing by your side. Their unquestionable admiration will create smooth sailing in your relationship. Enjoy this period!

On December 26, the plants make one last shift, sending Mars into your zodiac just before the close of the year. This move may place your temper on a short leash but, after reflecting on the recent increase of your spiritual inclination, you’ll remember what’s most important Pisces. The harmony you’ve been experiencing in your relationship may even lead you to take the first steps towards planning a family!

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