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Taurus Horoscope 2018

In the beginning of 2018, Venus, your ruling planet, governs the Taurus from the eighth house. It’s joined by Saturn and the Sun, which creates an interesting demand while awarding you with an abundance of power!

Your actions will be divinely guided since the planets are prepared to multiply anything you invest. Prepare to surprise everyone – including yourself. Whatever you do, give it your best effort, Taurus! Do this and the blessings that return will be 10x greater than you expected.

Taurus is welcomed by opportunity at the start of the year, when Mars transits to Scorpio. Powerful forces compel you to act making many different investments into your future.

Expect new opportunities in your career that’ll transform your work into one of your most prized possessions. Your name will resound in many different circles and the reputation you’ve built won’t go unnoticed!

When Mars transits to Sagittarius on March 7, this shift will encourage the Taurus to move as if the sky was the limit. You’re encouraged to expand your vision until it reaches heights that make you second guess your abilities. The cosmos want you to prove your abilities to yourself, before anyone else. Move in confidence as the planets work alongside you to broaden your horizons.

Watch out for that ego – you can’t let it become too big; even though it’ll be difficult to stay modest while you’re attracting so much attention. Profitable pathways will reveal themselves and your soul will direct you to which doors hold the greatest possibilities behind them.

The first quarter of the year is bound to be an exciting adventure for you, Taurus – just do your best to keep up the excitement – you don’t want to miss out on anything important!

Your earthly qualities will be put to the test during Jupiter’s retrograde. You’ll need to stay balanced, despite the whirlwind that starts to pick up speed.

Challenges will pop up out of nowhere, but you have the power to think your way through them all. Continue exercising caution as Saturn retrogrades on April 18, a time when it’s important to have a plan B that’s easy to implement. This way, you won’t be as affected by sudden changes in direction.

You could approach a few forks in the road that force you to make some tough decisions. Saturn’s shift will cause you to reconsider a couple personal and/or professional relationships.

As spring approaches, Mars transits to Capricorn at the beginning of May. Consider this your lucky break, Taurus! Remember all the effort you put into building yourself at the start of the year. This will continue to inspire you as you embark on exciting new adventures.

Your enthusiasm levels will soar through the roof as you boldly step into responsibilities you didn’t foresee. There’s a slight risk of conflict with family members around this time too; your siblings may not be very thrilled to see you soaking up all the spotlight without them.

The close of the second quarter brings another retrograde. When Mars backtracks on June 30, you could experience a few delays. Don’t let this slow down your momentum, Taurus! Jupiter goes progressive just two weeks later. So, whatever setbacks you experience will be resolved sooner than you expected.

On August 31, Mars goes progressive and opens a small window of opportunity. Be prepared to jump at the chance to reap the rewards of your labor because a flash of good luck could do wonders for your career!

Saturn turns direct in expansive Sagittarius on September 10. One by one, you’ll witness doors opening, as if by magic!

The Taurus may choose to use these opportunities to see the world. This could be the time that you take the long-distance journey you’ve always dreamed of!

When Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 15, you’ll feel drawn in many different directions. Your humanitarian nature will reach its peak but first, there may be some turbulence in your personal life that needs your attention.

Resolve those issues quickly because you’ll be taken on another ride when Mars transits to Aquarius around mid-November. This harvest season yields lots of respect for the Taurus on the professional front but such swift progression could cause you to yearn more affection from your parental support system.

As the last quarter of the year comes to a close, you’ll experience yet another transit from Mars. This time, the planet of action moves into Pisces, which creates an extremely auspicious gateway for you. Taurus will find themselves standing beneath an abundant overflow! Your finances will multiply, giving you a prosperous introduction into the things you should expect in the year to come.

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