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Aquarius Horoscope 2018

Aquarius is a freedom seeking sign that loves to experience the thrill of adventure. Though 2018 may not provide all the excitement you crave, there’s still plenty taking place beneath the surface!

 As you move through this year, Aquarius will plant profitable seeds that will bear fruit later. Work diligently now, dear friend, so that you may reap the rewards awaiting you in the coming year.

From the start of the first quarter, you’ll be placed in a promising position to take an active stance on how your career progresses. When Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17, Aquarius may be presented with the chance to jump into a new profession. Have you been considering a major career move? If so, you don’t want to miss this enticing opportunity!

As the planet of action transits again on March 7, its position may cause Aquarius to slow down and reflect. Mars accompanies Saturn in Sagittarius, which could slow your projects for a while but, don’t fret, things will certainly get better.

Pay attention to anything that requires an investment of your time or resources during this time. You can avoid a sudden upset by being more active in your involvements right now.

It’s important for you to stay focused, Aquarius; the things you do now will greatly benefit you in the future. When Jupiter retrogrades on March 9, luck may leave your side for a while. Your tendency to procrastinate when you should be working at full steam could come back to haunt you, so do your best to remain diligent.

Hard work doesn’t always seem like the most entertaining thing for you, Aquarius, but remember why you’re committing yourself to your projects. The Universe is preparing to grant all your desires but, first, you’ll need to prove that you’re serious.

In April, Saturn retrogrades from its place in Sagittarius, giving you another lesson in work ethic. Try to avoid allowing life’s demands to place too much stress on you, dear friend. Use your personal relationships as an outlet for relief rather than a substitute for your frustration. You’ll realize just how important your loved ones are when Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2. Conflicts with siblings may make you uncomfortable; further proof that you really value having your family by your side. 

At the close of the second quarter, Mars retrogrades in June. This shift will require you to perform some deep introspection to sort out whatever’s troubling you. Allowing your thoughts to remain clouded for too long will only distract you from the progress you’ve made up until this point. Don’t let anything agitate you, Aquarius. Focus your attention on the positivity you wish to attract and learn to express gratitude, even in the midst of confusion.

Your prayers will be answered when Jupiter goes progressive on July 10. This transit strengthens the luck that’s supporting your endeavours, dear friend. Rest assured that any ongoing problems will settle themselves and you’ll begin to see drastic improvements in all your affairs. As the saying goes, “trouble doesn’t last always”. The planets are preparing to reward you for maintaining good spirits while you navigated through life’s challenges!

By the time Mars returns to progressive in the third quarter of 2018, you’ll see your projects push forward with great velocity. Aquarius will prosper in many ways, including a sudden increase in your finances! The light surrounding your life during this time will put your worries to rest and you’ll even see improvements in family bonds.

Laughter is the best medicine, and you’ll soon witness its effects. As Saturn shifts to direct in Sagittarius on September 9, the good deeds you’ve performed in the past will start to pay off, Aquarius. If you’ve been holding off on making a shift in your career, this could be the time that you finally make your decision! With great health and prosperity continuing to follow you, trust that you’re supported as you do what’s best for you.

The last quarter of the year invites a few last-minute transits that benefit the Aquarius native. Think of the blessings you receive during this time as an introduction to what you can expect out of next year – and the years to follow!

Starting with Jupiter’s transit to Scorpio on October 14, you’ll be entrusted with new responsibilities, allowing you to prove what you’re made of, dear friend. Rise to the occasion in confidence, the stars will offer steady support, even as Mars transits into your zodiac at the start of November.

Your health, wealth, and career are all destined to experience a powerful increase due to this shift. Open your hands and prepare to receive many more abundant blessings as you close out the year!

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