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Aquarius Career Horoscope 2018

2018 will not give enough excitement to Aquarius natives. Rather take this year as a warm up year to prepare for the next one.

Even if this year seems to lack some of the excitement you seek, try to focus on the preparations that are taking place, Aquarius. Everything you invest in your success in 2018 will bear abundant fruits throughout next year. Just exercise a little patience, as you prepare for your harvest!

Fortunately, Aquarius will start of the first quarter on a prosperous foot, particularly as Mars transits to Scorpio in January. Any career prospects you’re considering will look really good during this time – and that may even lead to you switching to a completely different profession!

Aquarian students will also benefit from this early shift. So, if you’re pursuing your studies, expect to excel in any competitive exams, dear friend.

When Mars takes its second transit, moving into Sagittarius, you may have to pause your efforts for a second. Things could seem to be moving slowly, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t making noteworthy progress!

If you’re concerned with an opponent or competitor during this time, don’t give it a second thought, Aquarius. There’s no one who can interfere with your plans, as long as you commit to staying productive. This could be a bit of a challenge, especially when Jupiter retrogrades on March 9. You could become stricken with procrastination, which could stagnate any ongoing projects.

Although luck may not be favoring you during this time, that’s not what you need to rely on. Aquarius possesses the intellectual abilities to conquer any mountain you choose to climb up. If you think long enough, you’re sure to find a solution to those obstacles that try to block your projects.

Saturn becomes the second planet to retrograde, shifting course on April 18. You’ll need to work harder than ever – but success is certainly within your reach!

It could be a challenge for you to balance your mental and emotional health – especially when you’re called to divide personal problems from your professional affairs. Getting agitated with your opponents won’t make you any more skilled at defeating them. To overcome these trials, do what you do best, Aquarius – think of a plan and put it into action!

When Jupiter goes progressive, you’ll notice a weight lift from your shoulders. Your luck will increase and your problems will decrease, restoring balance in your career. It takes courage to continue fighting through confusion, tirelessly pursuing your goals. Whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional, the planets have marked this moment for you to excel in many different areas. For your commitment, you should expect to reap abundant blessings, Aquarius!

The hold on halted projects will be released as Mars goes progressive on the 31st of August. You’re sure to enjoy the way things turn in your favor during the third quarter! Every good deed you’ve done in the past will be repaid tenfold, during this time. As Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius, you’ll see extensive favor in all your professional dealings right now. This transit marks a great time for Aquarius to land a new job. It could also be the moment for you to secure that business deal you’ve had your hopes on!

If Aquarius is required to travel for their career, you should take that trip in great confidence, dear friend. These steps will prepare you for the new responsibilities that await when Jupiter transits to Scorpio in mid-October. New duties and higher titles prepares you for the financial increase that awaits just around the corner!

Entering the last quarter of the year, Aquarius can expect to make a lasting name for themselves in the professional sector. The achievements you log during this time will turn you into a real workplace celebrity! Now that more of your colleagues are aware of what you can do, you could also be invited to prepare for a new job opportunity or competitive exam that’ll set the course for the favor that next year has in store!

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