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Virgo Horoscope 2018

Virgo should consider the year 2018 as the year of opportunity. The talents you possess are unique to you, and the planets will pave a glorious path for you to showcase all that you can do!

You’ll need to be swift on your feet, dear Virgo, because opportunities will come so quickly, any delay could cause you to miss a great chance to excel. Starting in the first quarter of the year, when Mars transits to Scorpio, it’s position in your third house guarantees you a public platform.

This year won’t allow you to hide in the background for very long. The planets will align to place your capabilities on display for all to admire! Showcase your skills, Virgo, and don’t hold back at all. With luck favoring you, there’s a great chance for you to reap massive benefits for all the effort you put forth.

On March 7, Mars enters Sagittarius and joins Saturn in your fourth house. You should be careful about what you say during this time, dear friend. Remember, words and time are two of the only things you can never truly take back once they’re released.

Jupiter’s March retrograde could put some strain on your finances, so it’ll be important for you to try to manage your stress levels. Any pressure from external influences should be taken in stride – as you know, things always get better with time.

The second quarter of the year welcomes Mars transit to Capricorn. This is an excellent time for inquisitive Virgo to further their studies. As you apply the knowledge you’ve already gained to various areas within your profession, your name will rise to levels of fame and notoriety that you didn’t realize were possible!

The Wheel of Fortune will continue turning in your favor, giving your finances an incredible boost. Be careful not to spend too lavishly, so you can be duly prepared for Mars’ retrograde at the end of June. Unexpected travels and miscellaneous expenses could cause you to spend money on a whim.

Don’t let the slight drop in your savings account ruin your year, you’ll recoup everything with even more benefits when Jupiter goes progressive on July 10! Virgo will use this transit to initiate new projects that’ll continue benefitting you over time. Be patient as your skills manifest into profits and opportunities that’ll carry you through the rest of the third quarter.

As enterprising as your ambitious earth sign is known to be, you’ll need to slow things down a little when Venus transits into your zodiac at the start of August. This position could create a few unlucky events but there’s nothing you can’t think yourself through, dear friend.

On August 31, Mars returns progressive; which allows lots of forward progress. If you’ve experienced any type of halt or delay, then the action planet will aid you as you work to get things moving again. Saturn’s shift to direct in Sagittarius will support anything you initiate during this time. Virgo will witness an abundant increase in your material comforts, proving that your efforts were all worthwhile!

Luck continues to shine on you as you enter the final quarter of the year. Jupiter transits to Scorpio, bringing Virgo floods of recognition for the contributions you’ve made in the professional sphere. Your heart will overflow with love as a result of all the recognition you receive. Virgo is blessed to realize how much they’re appreciated by their peers.

Bask in the glory of the luck that follows you as Mars transits to Aquarius in November. This move will grant you the strength to passionately pursue whatever goals you’ve held on to from the start of the year!

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