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Capricorn Horoscope 2018

The onset of 2018 places Saturn, the lord of Capricorn, in the prosperity house of the year’s ascendant. This year will present limitless opportunities to the earthly zodiac, but you’ll have to put forth an effort to decide which direction fate shall carry you on, dear friend.

Mars transits to Scorpio, on January 17, placing you in a promising opportunity to advance within your career. Starting the year on such a favourable foot instantly positions you to witness financial improvements!

Capricorn will feel invincible in the face of any adversary. When you’re driven by the determination of the goat, there’s nothing that can stop your drive or slow your ambition!

Be mindful of any unnecessary expenses that arise in March. When Mars transits to join Saturn in Sagittarius, you could become stricken with minor health issues resulting from stress. Watch your temper and do your best to move with a level head, dear friend. You don’t want to see conflicts create separation with loved ones so early in the year.

Use the confidence that you’ll attract during this transit to embrace and overcome any delays that arise after Jupiter’s retrograde in the 10th house. Its backward spiral in your house of work can create a series of delays that force you to escape your comfort zone to get the job done.

Stepping out into the world can help you sort out any lingering issues that weigh heavily on your mind. As Saturn retrogrades in April, you’ll be faced with many instances of temptation. Use your wisdom to avoid falling for any enticing traps that could thwart your progress.

Without the guidance of your lucky star, you’ll need to call upon your good sense and reason to benefit from Mars’ transit to your zodiac on May 2. Health concerns may take over your attention but there shouldn’t be much too fret over, dear friend.

There’s something much more important stirring during this time. A major transition could impact your life; coming in the form of a wedding or holy pilgrimage. You’ll feel compelled to detach from your surroundings and embark on an excursion that enriches your soul. If you need to travel to find the satisfaction you deserve, then don’t be afraid to do so, Capricorn!

Mars retrogrades in the close of the second quarter, which has its pros and cons. On one note, your health should stabilize during this time – but you may experience a fallout with your partner. Last minute cancellations and halts in legal concerns may send you on an emotional rollercoaster for a moment.

Find your footing and stand firm as you embrace the solid qualities of your zodiac. The third quarter of the year attracts many opportunities for you to succeed if you remain steadfast. Mars returns progressive at the end of August, giving stagnated projects the green light to proceed. Now is the time for you to prove what you’re really made of, dear friend!

Minor hiccups can’t detract from your plans if you don’t let them. When Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius on September 9, you’ll see what it means to benefit from past efforts. Things may not have blossomed when you expected but, you won’t complain about the way your savings multiplies right in front of your face!

Strong waves of luck will carry you into the last quarter of 2018. Jupiter’s transit in October is a promising time for you to start a new venture. This next stage in your life marks the financial prosperity you’ve endured throughout the year. As personal relationships flourish, your accounts will open up to accommodate life on a new level of existence.

The planets will align for you to make a major move before the new year. Mars’ transit to Aquarius could inspire you to make a solid romantic commitment. Regardless if your last vows of 2018 are shared with the one you love or consummated in a contract that starts a business of your own, expect to see life fold and mould itself around your every desire!

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