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Scorpio Horoscope 2018

Mars, the lord of Scorpio, rises in the wealth house of the year’s ascendant at the onset of 2018. This alignment promises a fruitful year abundant in financial gain and the accumulation of mass amounts of wealth! The Wheel of Fortune will continue turning in your favor, throughout the entire year – but there are a few things that will require your attention, dear friend.

Starting with Mars’ transit into your zodiac on January 17, it’ll be vital for Scorpio to practice patience as you move through life’s simple challenges. Take your time and think things through before engaging in any activities that may come back to haunt you. Don’t let that short temper get in the way of the wealthy increase marked by the stars.

On March 7, Mars transits to Sagittarius and puts your self-management skills to the test yet again. Scorpio will be called to exercise caution while handling money matters but, more importantly, you’ll need to be careful about any reckless engagements with your spouse. Accidents happen – they’re just a fact of life. Learning from your mistakes is the true show of wisdom and fine character. You can prove that you’re greater than your circumstances, Scorpio – no one possesses the willpower that you naturally exude!

Jupiter retrogrades in March also. This could mean many different things for you, Scorpio…it all depends on how you choose to react to trying situations. If you prepare yourself ahead of time, you may be able to circumvent the risk of financial loss that’s marked by this time. Stay diligent while handling your affairs and you’ll keep a calm, level head while dealing with the last of these first quarter challenges.

Joining the retrograding planets, Saturn spins backwards in Sagittarius in mid-April, which could have an adverse effect on your financial affairs. Scorpio will find themselves travelling a lot during this time, making it important to plan your efforts in advance. Be realistic about how your hard work may (or may not) pay off – and have Plan B ready to put into action, just in case.

Stress is born – and stifled – from within. Should you decide to shift your perspective, there’s nothing you won’t be able to accomplish, dear friend. When Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2, you’ll witness exactly what this means. An attitude of gratitude will deliver a series of auspicious events that place you on a favourable path!

Expect boosts in your career and floods of support from family and friends. As you learn to trust in the synchronistic events that mark your steps at this stage of your journey, always remember to trust your wisdom and intuition before falling for chance or luck.

When someone is as skilled as you are, Scorpio, you needn’t worry about a thing. Even as Mars retrogrades at the end of the second quarter, you won’t need to shy away from any form of competition. Work-related contests may keep you on your feet but you’re naturally equipped with all the skills you need to trample over any obstacle in your way!

The third quarter of 2018 marks a bountiful moment for Scorpio to invest in themselves. As Jupiter returns progressive in July, you’ll feel compelled to treat yourself to the finer things in life. This point of the year guarantees many occasions for you to bask in the fame and fortune your soul craves in your most intimate moments. Saturated by a level of confidence that encourages Scorpio to prove their strength and intellectual superiority, this transition has fortunate energy floating all around it!

Luck stays on your side as you close out the year. Each of the last quarter transits encourages you to reap the benefits of your labours. Go after your heart’s desires without hesitation, trusting that all you need will be delivered to you in perfect timing!

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