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Scorpio Love Horoscope 2018

True love has the power to breathe new life into the Scorpio native, giving you a sense of purpose and stability that allows you to see things differently – through a much calmer sense of understanding.

You’ll be called to employ the wisdom you’ve gained through relationships of the past when Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17. Sometimes, the passion stimulated by your zodiac sign can transform into anger and frustration. Watch that short temper and be sure to exercise extra patience with your mate, during this transition.

There’s also a risk of experiencing some degree of tension with your family members, Scorpio. Do your best to maintain a level head to avoid creating excessive conflicts with the people you love. This lesson will continue to follow you when Mars transits to Sagittarius at the beginning of March. Conflicts with your partner could be in the cards, but it’s up to you to choose against allowing minor upsets to place your relationship at odds.

It’s easier to manage life’s duties when you know you’re surrounded by love. The support you receive from your family and siblings when Mars transits to Capricorn during the second quarter will remind Scorpio of how blessed you are!

You’ll notice drastic increases in your confidence when Mars goes progressive on August 31 – giving you the opportunity to take on new challenges. Be careful not to overfill your plate, dear friend. You don’t want to take on unnecessary stress that could create avoidable conflicts.

Expect smooth sailing, as you shift into the third quarter of the year. When Jupiter transits to Scorpio, you’ll be standing in the luckiest moments you’ll experience in 2018! Open your heart and soul so that you can share all your essence with your partner.

Express yourself freely – don’t keep any secrets, Scorpio. You’ll be blessed to experience some enriching moments in love. So much so, those planning a family could even see a breakthrough in those plans at this point in the year. Just know that the stars are aligned to grant all your wishes!

On November 9, Mars transits to Aquarius, ushering in another rendezvous with that quick temper infamously attributed to the Scorpio. If left unchecked, sudden outbursts may have negative effects on your familial relations.

You’ll be called to work a little harder toward finding the balance between your personal and professional relationships. If you get trapped in the “all work and no play” mentality, you could create some strain on the connection between you and your partner.

Stay mindful of what’s really important to you, dear friend, while you boldly close out the last quarter of 2018. As Mars transits to Pisces on December 6, your efforts won’t go unnoticed by the one you love. The seeds you plant in your relationship during this time will bear a plenitude of positive fruits. Consider this the first example of the glorious blessings 2019 has in store for you!

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