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Taurus Love Horoscope 2018

Things may start off a little shaky at the start of 2018. When Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17, the Taurus may experience an upset with their mate. Don’t let this small quarrel disturb the harmony in your relationship. If you concentrate on communication and honoring each other’s opinions, there’s nothing that your love can’t overcome, Taurus.

As the second quarter approaches, Saturn will retrograde in Sagittarius. This means that you’ll have to put those conflict resolution skills to the test yet again. Your love life shouldn’t be too affected, but you may experience a few disputes with family and friends. The paternal planet rules with an iron fist and, when it retrogrades in judicial Sagittarius, the earthly qualities of your sun sign will demand respect.

You’re such an accommodating person, who never hesitates to go out of your way for someone else. So, when you ask for a little compliance, you expect to get it. A slightly unforgiving nature could form as a result of this retrograde, which creates some challenges with your children. Parental instincts will jump into overdrive and you’ll do whatever you can to protect them.

Taurus won’t be fighting these battles alone. When Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2, your partner will become the foundation of your support. Your love life is stronger when you join forces. It’s wonderful to know that you have someone standing beside you in your corner.

You may try to take the initiative to try to mend sibling relationships during Mars retrograde on June 30. Don’t get dishevelled if your efforts aren’t immediately received. Your siblings may have some more work to do on themselves; you can’t keep the peace until that’s taken care of.

When Jupiter turns progressive on July 14, that’s the perfect time for you and your love to go on a romantic getaway. You don’t have to travel very far to enjoy each other’s company. A weekend road trip away from life’s demands could inspire you to take your relationship to the next level!

As you nestle into the effects of the third quarter of the year, you’ll start feeling the effects of past decisions. The time and attention you’ve invested into your union will pave the way for heart-warming exchanges now and in the future. You’ve held a vision of how you want to see your relationship evolve and, now, those thoughts will start manifesting right before you.

By September, single Taurus can expect a few pleasant surprises when Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius. You may decide to throw caution to the wind and take a trip that places you face to face with someone that takes your breath away. This new love could prove to be the relationship of your dreams. The only way for you to know is to take a chance with destiny!

Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 15, opening your heart to the needs of the world around you. You may experience a bit of confusion in your personal life but look at it as a minor distraction. You’ll be called to give back to the world in some way and that mission is more important than engaging in simple debates.

When you give of yourself with pure intentions, the Universe shows up to reward all your good deeds. This could first appear when Mars transits to Aquarius on November 10. You’ll crave a mother’s affection to comfort you while you embark on this new life mission.

If wedding bells have been ringing in your ear, then this transit is the perfect time to make a lifelong commitment. Talks of marriage could evolve into the Taurus closing the year on an unbelievably high note, setting the tone for a love-filled future!

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