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Taurus Career Horoscope 2018

There’s nothing like starting the year on a fresh foot, Taurus, and that’s exactly what you can expect out of 2018! When Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17, that’s a prime opportunity for you to pursue a prospective career change.

The Taurus knows no limits and you have the track record to support that unmoving belief. As long as you stand firm while being confident in your abilities, there’s no goal that’ll remain out of your reach! You know what you’ve been working so hard to achieve and this transit shows that the Universe is supporting your dreams.

When the planet of action transits again on March 7, it’s place in Sagittarius allows you to prove what you’re really made of. Your name will start circulating in influential circles and that recognition will send your confidence to intergalactic levels!

Mars is going to elevate you to a level of notoriety that’s bigger than you ever imagined. But, be forewarned, the ease by which your success manifests could cause your ego to become inflated, Taurus.

It’ll be difficult to convince you that you don’t have the right to be a little big headed after this auspicious chain of events. The planets are preparing you for a multitude of financial victories – and you deserve every single one of them.

Seeing such amazing levels of success will be too satisfying to ignore. The extra attention may consequently turn you into the focus of a few people who aren’t the best company you can keep while pursuing your dreams. Still, those jealous eyes will have to watch from afar because there’s no stopping you once you’ve built up your momentum.

When Jupiter retrogrades toward the end of the first quarter, your opponents will become slightly stronger. You must maintain your focus if you want to avoid any unforeseen obstacles at work. Any delays must be taken in stride, while you work diligently toward satisfying your agenda. This way, you’ll remain prudent, when Saturn also retrogrades at the start of the second quarter.

Learning to use the planets as tools, you’ll perfect your ability to navigate through turbulent waters. April’s retrograde could close a few career doors, which will force you to be proactive about avoiding drastic economic loss. If you’re unexpectedly faced with unemployment, take this as a gift Taurus. There’s probably a much more profitable career awaiting that you’ve been putting off for too long.

Keep your head in the game, so you’re prepared to capitalize on Mars’ transit to Capricorn on May 2. With Lady Luck shining her light on your career, you’ll be invited to partake in many promising opportunities. You could end up hosting a famed event or simply feel a drastic boost in your energy. When you learn to fall in love with your job, it’s a lot easier to exceed your superiors’ expectations.

On June 30, Mars retrogrades, which could create a sudden halt in your workplace progress. Don’t get too caught up in delays, they should only be temporary. When Jupiter goes progressive on July 14, you’ll be able to start building up your momentum again.  Any competitors that attempted to thwart your plans will be cast to the side and the progress you see in your career will make those battles all worth the effort.

You’ll be able to close out any pending tasks during the third quarter of the year. As you knock each assignment off your list, the Taurus will simultaneously see advancements in their skills. Any attempts at perfecting your capabilities won’t go unnoticed, either. When you work hard to become a master of your domain, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually be able to eat from the fruit of your labour.

The rewards will continue trickling into your life when Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius on September 10. You’ll learn to see beyond workplace stress and maintain your productivity, no matter who tries to distract you or steal your attention.

Many people recognize the greatness that lies within you, Taurus; long before it’s revealed in the physical world. You’ll be reconnected with your own authority when Jupiter transits Scorpio in mid-October. Dive into new research and study programs that feed your quest for digesting the latest information. This is a time for researchers and students to really thrive. You never know, you could make a discovery that gains lots of attention from your peers. 

In the last quarter of the year, Mars transits to Aquarius, which cracks open the path to securing a career in the government. If you’re already employed, you should expect to receive waves of respect from your colleagues who can’t help but appreciate your work ethic.

The work you’ve done all year will pay off when you’re treated to a handsome promotion! Promising increases in your finances are matched with greater responsibilities in your career. The way you handle these changes may align you with the right people to secure an exam or interview that’ll introduce you to a brand new path at the start of next year.

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