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Pisces Career Horoscope 2018

Pisces will be treated to an endless arrangement of promising opportunities; transforming 2018 into one of the most beneficial moments you’ve experienced in a while. Luck will follow you in all your professional endeavours, showing its first signs of support when Mars transits to Scorpio in January. With unshakeable courage and lasting determination, Pisces will boldly conquer any obstacle in your way!

On March 7, the action planet transits into your house of work. With Mars resting in Sagittarius alongside Saturn, you’ll be faced with a few extra responsibilities in your career. Don’t view this as a burden, dear friend, it’s a sign that you’ve successfully proven that you’re more than capable of handling this.

Stay away from confrontations with your colleagues during this time. Petty workplace debates could take a toll on your emotions, causing you to become a bit short with your partner. Leave other people to sort out their own dilemmas; don’t allow someone else’s misfortune to disrupt your progress at work – or invade the sanctity of your home.

As Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius on April 18, your stress levels could increase. Since your career may continue to demand a lot of your attention, you’ll need to be diligent about adhering to deadlines and setting schedules to stay on course.

Mars shifts again on May 2, moving into Capricorn. This placement shines a lucky star on everything that touches Pisces’ profession. Whether you’re a business owner or looking to advance your career, expect to move into greater territory during this time, dear friend.

Hold your hands out as providence continues to pour abundant blessings into your life. Mars retrogrades on June 27, which could delay your progress just a bit but don’t become dishevelled if this happens. Just turn your back and wait for the stars to start moving in your favour again.

The power of positivity is one of the greatest tools in the world. You’ll see exactly what that means when Mars returns progressive at the end of August. Now that your luck has returned in full force, Pisces will be able to take advantage of a few excellent professional opportunities.

As your momentum continues to build, you’ll enjoy even more success when Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius in September. Sit back and watch the way delayed projects pick up the pace. At this time, Pisces will close out any outstanding affairs by moving full speed ahead.

Remember everything you’ve accomplished, as you enter the final quarter of the year. You’ll draw from this confidence and take advantage of a few lucky breaks when Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 14. Take the time to plan out your next moves because success is just around the corner for you!

When Mars moves into Aquarius on November 9, you’ll need to consider a new business plan or career change that could lead to an increase in your expenses and investments. Don’t disregard promising opportunities just because of the cost, dear friend. The stars have conspired to surprise you with yet another stream of income that’ll cover everything you need at this time.

While you’re basking in such a remarkable sense of success, do your best to remain level-headed, Pisces. If you aren’t careful, your ego could grow out of control, which could repel some of the positive energy you’ve been building up. Stay humble as you continue to stand as the target of many more blessing. There’s a chance that Pisces could also take a business trip before the close of the year. If you come across an opportunity to travel, then jump at it. You never know where this move may lead, dear friend!

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