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Pisces Finance Horoscope 2018

Whatever you’ve been planning in terms of advancing your financial affairs is sure to come to fruition this year! Pisces should get excited as they enter 2018 because the planets are presenting many opportunities for you to earn and accumulate wealth in ways you never imagined!

Starting in January, you’ll witness the first blossoms of seeds planted in the past. With luck guiding you along your path, Pisces should expect to see a considerable rise in your material comforts. Enjoying the good life doesn’t come without its share of expenses, though. Try not to become too concerned with any money spent on your property during this time. Even if you have to part with more than you budgeted, trust that there’s a lot more where that came from.

When Jupiter retrogrades on March 9, you could endure an unexpected increase in unnecessary expenses. Don’t just mindlessly spend money during this time, pay attention to what you’re investing in – and why.

Frivolous expenditures could make it difficult to enjoy the material comforts you’ve been waiting to enjoy. Delays from Saturn’s retrograde in April won’t necessarily make things any better; halted projects could come with a price tag of its own but stay focused on the brighter days to come.

On May 2, Mars transits to Capricorn; which brings in, even more, financial gain. Pisces will possess the power of persuasion that allows you to win over your opponents and neutralize any adversary. Continue to put those skills to work as Mars retrogrades at the end of June. Temporary obstacles are just that – temporary. Although it may feel like you’re further away from your desired results, remain diligent so you can reach your goals.

There’s a chance that this retrograde will put a dent in your savings accounts but this will only last for a short while. When Jupiter returns to a progressive state on July 10, Pisces will be presented with an auspicious opportunity to make a few sound investments. Whatever loss your savings accrued will be replenished, then multiplied, as abundant opportunities continue to shower you with prosperous awards.

With such a considerable increase in your finances, Pisces may wish to treat themselves to something special. You’ve earned the right to enjoy a life that’s comfortable!

Luck continues to smile down on you when Mars goes progressive on August 31. There will be some fortunate opportunities presented to you when this happens, so pay attention to life’s little hints, dear friend. In fact, you could find yourself in a position to recover a debt that was once left unpaid. Show your appreciation for celestial intervention as the scales are returned to balance.

Before Pisces is through with the third quarter of the year, you should pay attention to what’s going on in the stock market. With your lucky stars commanding your every step, you could even see success after a bit of gambling.

The last quarter of 2018 will bring about a few additional expenses or investments that call for a bit more than you’d part with in good conscience. When destiny is working in your favor, there’s nothing for you to fear, Pisces. Just as you’re faced with these expenses, the planets will introduce you to a brand new stream of income to help finance your latest affairs.

With your pockets filled to capacity and so much promise circling your life, Pisces will close the year with a soul-awakening experience that makes you appreciate how much you’ve been blessed.

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