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Libra Finance Horoscope 2018

The year 2018 will produce ripe fruits from the seeds you sow, dear Libra. Financial gains are marked for you, starting with Mars’ transit to Scorpio at the start of the year. Prosperous events could inspire you to take a trip abroad to celebrate your success. If you’ve had your eye on a distant country, it could be time for you to get your passport!

In March, Mars transits to Sagittarius, causing you to snap out of your luxurious expedition long enough to renew the momentum you’ve invested in your projects. Stay focused and you’ll continue to reap the rewards of all your hard work, dear Libra. Commitment is something that you can struggle with, depending on the external influences that impact your life. However, you’ll feel inspired to work through your own shortcomings until you’ve mastered each of your downfalls, one by one.

Jupiter retrogrades on March 9, which could bring your projects to a standstill. Your efforts will have accumulated more than enough material resources but there could be some internal or external influences prohibiting you from enjoying all the things you’ve acquired.

Do your best to identify the source of this roadblock as soon as possible, Libra. When Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius on April 18, there’s a risk of financial loss that could be related to being unable to shake off that negative energy.

Restoring mental and emotional harmony in your life will bring balance to your finances when Mars transits to Capricorn in the second quarter. Now that money matters are back on track, Libra may choose to make a considerable investment. You could decide to purchase property or sign for that vehicle you’ve had your eye on. When you work hard, you deserve to be rewarded!

The success of your financial endeavours could call for you to travel a lot; just be mindful of your investments so you do make any frivolous decisions. Mars retrograde could place a dent in your accounts but, if you’re awaiting a return on a stagnated project, then it should arrive when Jupiter goes progressive in July.

The third quarter of 2018 is marked by a prosperous increase in your wealth. Get ready to bask in an abundance of material comforts that improve your overall quality of life! Even better, these blessings are marked to attract even more opportunities for financial gain.

All roads are opened for you to continue to see success throughout the rest of the year. While you’re managing your accounts, watch out for unnecessary expenditures that may arise when Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius in September.

Being proactive about evaluating your decisions to invest your money will place you in a prime position to enjoy considerable rewards when Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 14. Libra may find themselves the benefactor of an inheritance or some form of financial support from your father.

The planets also marked this moment for you to receive an awaited promotion. Anticipate good news in every area that touches your accounts, Libra. Lady Luck is shining down on your life – removing all obstacles and positioning you to thrive!

The Universe has an amazing way of showering you with overwhelming love, when you least expect it. Mars transit to Aquarius on November 9 denotes a considerable increase in your social status and a sudden windfall that’ll open unbelievable doors for you, Libra.

The abundance pouring into your life is meant to be shared with everyone around you. This transit will inspire you to initiate a holy ceremony to commemorate this time with your family. Libra could begin planning a marriage or embark on a life-altering pilgrimage to a holy place.

The heavenly influence that’s governing your life will become even stronger when Mars transits to Pisces on December 26. Gratitude will spill from the depths of your soul as you allow this abundance to continue to shower over you into next year!

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