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Scorpio Finance Horoscope 2018

At the start of 2018, Mars, the lord of your zodiac operates from the wealth house of the year’s ascendant. This means that Scorpio natives should expect to stumble upon a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – more than once if you do everything you’re supposed to do!

Financial gains are scattered along your path, dear friend. Move forward with confidence as you’re presented with countless cosmic gifts!

On January 17, Mars transits to Scorpio, which brings abundant increases in your wealth. You aren’t a stranger to appreciating the finer things in life and this transition to your zodiac is a beneficial time for you to relish in a few luxurious material pleasures.

While sudden splurges may plaster a smile on your face, don’t let things get too carried away. As Mars takes another transit into Sagittarius, there’s a risk of experiencing financial loss. Be careful of your expenditures and watch your investments closely. Your luck may leave you for just a moment, so you don’t want to risk placing yourself in a compromising position, dear friend.

Jupiter retrogrades on March 9, in the 12th house from your sign. This shift indicates a risk for considerable loss resulting from ill-timed investments. Use the planets as a guide to design a safety net that minimizes your financial risk.

As you enter the second quarter of the year, you could be faced with a sudden stint with stagnation. If you’ve been anticipating an inheritance or some other means of financial support from your dad or a father figure, it may not manifest as you expected.

When you work hard to be sure that you do everything correctly, it’s humbling to accept that providence may have different plans outlined for you. Rather than lose momentum to frustration, use this as an opportunity to prove how capable you are. Take things into your own hands, Scorpio, and keep pushing until you’ve improved your situation.

Work-related responsibilities will continue to capture your focus whilst Mars retrogrades in June. You shouldn’t expect too much from your projects or investments around this time. Don’t get too discouraged by any halts in your progress – the best things in life take time!

Just think of how satisfying it’ll be to know that you were able to overcome all the obstacles in your path and fight against the competition meant to distract you from the success that’s destined.

Jupiter’s shift to progressive in July is the best time for Scorpio to invest their money. You’ll see a drastic increase in your material comforts during this season. One by one, you’ll witness victories lining your path!

Mars’ return to progressive at the end of August will continue increasing your confidence. Scorpio will witness the greatness they’re capable of accomplishing and prepare to take on new challenges as they arise. You need a clear conscious so that you can utilize the power of your intuition to carry you through this remarkable time. Avoid anything that doesn’t feed your appetite to succeed and remain committed to the goals you wish to achieve!

Your luck may seesaw a bit; toggling on and off without warning. However, it won’t be luck that helps you reach the accomplishment of your desires – hard work and well-timed investments are the secret to Scorpio’s success!

September 9, Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius to open new pathways for you to rise to the top. Confidently advance toward any opportunities that are presented to you during this time! The planets could possibly be preparing a tempting surprise for you, dear friend. The stars reveal the opportunity to receive a windfall of abundance!

Undeniable recognition is the direct result of being such a skilled investor. With this abundant increase, Scorpio’s name could be placed in the spotlight among all your peers. This dose of fame could lead to making influential contacts that assist you with redirecting the course of the rest of your year!

Whatever blessings are bestowed on you during this time are marked specifically with your name, Scorpio. Go get what you want now, the planets are supporting you!

The close of the year marks your ability to profit from anything you set your intentions on. Just try not to lose yourself in the success you’ve garnered. Remember to value your personal relationships too, even as you continue to rise.

Share your abundant gifts with your family and friends, proving that your unique combination of luck and skill will provide Scorpio with more than enough to save for rainy days. You’re really fortunate to experience such an overflow that you won’t need to worry about a thing, even as you enter next year!

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