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Scorpio Health Horoscope 2018

With every blessing you receive comes the need to accept even more responsibility. The onset of 2018 placed the lord of your zodiac in your house of wealth, Scorpio. As you know, much is required of those who receive bountiful gain. Your finances are marked to succeed throughout the year, which tasks you with the duty of monitoring your health.

This year, Scorpio will be required to prove mastery over their emotions. When you allow your temper to run freely, it can take control of your life and sabotage the opportunities that are awaiting. It’s important for you to practice skills and techniques that keep you calm and your thoughts lucid as you benefit from the elevation you’re experiencing during this time.

When Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17 – your patience will be called to the forefront of your mind. Not only will you need to watch your words and water down any impulsive responses, it’s also imperative for you to be cautious during your travels. Pay attention whenever you’re on the road and eliminate any distractions that could steer you in the wrong direction.

Mars takes another transit on March 7, moving into Sagittarius territory. Co-existing with the Sun, the lord of your zodiac shines light on the things Scorpio needs to address at the moment. Rather than focus on the stressors being placed on your relationships, try to pay attention to what needs to be done to start healing these shortcomings – permanently. You’re still at risk of having an accident during this time, so be careful dear friend.

The first quarter will call you to embark on frequent travels, which may take a toll on your health. Be sure to fuel your body with everything it needs to operate at its best, Scorpio. This could mean avoiding excessive drinking if you’re prone to indulge.

You want to be in tip-top shape while you face the rest of the surprises of 2018. Your need to travel and explore will continue into the second quarter of the year; make sure you keep your eyes open for any hints from providence while you’re on your excursions!

There’s a risk of witnessing a motherly figure’s health decline when Saturn retrogrades in April. You’ll have to keep your head clear so that you aren’t overly stressed by this situation.

Everything happens for a reason, Scorpio – learn to strengthen your faith as you trust in the Universe to create the best possible life for you.

As Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2, you’ll notice considerable improvements in any health issues of your own. This beneficial shift will also shower Scorpio with lots of love and support. Fall back on the people who’ve cared for you in your weakest moments, they’ll give you the strength to face the challenges you could experience when Mars retrogrades in June.

Stress is a distraction you can’t afford, especially with all the wonderful work you’re doing! You need to stay focused so you can enjoy the fruits of your labours when Jupiter turns progressive on July 10. Your health will improve just in time for you to put the final touches on your projects.

When you’re in the midst of your journey, and working towards proving how committed you are to your goals, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly travelling on an uphill battle. Mars’ shift to progressive on August 31 reminds you to be prudent when taking on new challenges. Your confidence levels will rise off the charts – now’s the time to prove what you’re made of!

 The third quarter of 2018 will shower you with so many rewards, you won’t know where to place them all, Scorpio!

Even if you’ve felt like you’ve been working at a real pace, Saturn’s shift to direct in Sagittarius indicates a moment for you to experience a period of mental, emotional, and physical wholeness.

Benefit as luck smiles down on you and blesses anything you do. Just be careful not to allow yourself to become overwhelmed by your expectations, Scorpio. When Mars transits to Aquarius on November 9, stay cool, calm, and collected so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of this harmonious time. Luck will continue to follow you throughout the close of the year, marking the last quarter as one of the most beneficial times you’ve seen thus far!

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