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Libra Health Horoscope 2018

Your zodiac is the resident ruler of the balancing act. Libra must exist in environments that cater to your desire for even affairs, if you expect to perform at your best.

When Mars transits to Scorpio in the middle of January, you could feel slightly weighted by mental stressors. Be careful not to allow yourself to become too overwhelmed by these problems.

Know that mental and emotional wounds will eventually manifest as physical ailments, Libra. This could be the reason why you need to deal with issues related to your vision during this time. You must care for your eyes because 2018 is preparing to take you on a journey and you don’t want to miss a thing!

Mars takes another transit on March 7, assuming its position in Sagittarius. When this happens, Libra may become blindsided by the need to work harder than ever before. There’s a risk for enduring unnecessary confrontations with people looking to oppose your efforts, but you shouldn’t allow these distractions to break your focus.

Even if it seems like you’re down on your luck, pay attention to the lessons being revealed through your subconscious. This probably isn’t a good time for you to fight your battles head on – but it’s the perfect moment for you to perform a bit of soul searching, Libra!

When you choose to work on yourself from the inside out, you begin to take a different stance while evaluating your life. Jupiter’s retrograde in March brings another wave of stagnation that may be difficult for you to understand. With all the material comforts that are nestled at your feet, Libra won’t be able to process why it’s so difficult to get comfortable and enjoy them.

Saturn retrogrades in mid-April, causing Libra’s energy levels to feel drained. Though you may not feel like your usual vibrant self, the absence of luck creates the opportunity for you to challenge yourself to strengthen your capabilities instead. You know what you’re able to do, dear Libra. The second quarter of the year just challenges you to rise to the occasion!

On May 2, Mars transits to Capricorn, which could create some concern when your mom – or someone you respect for their motherly influence – faces health issues. It could be difficult for you to offer the support you desire, since you could be called to travel a lot during this time. Though it may seem like there’s a lot on your plate, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to restore balance.

As you enter the third quarter of 2018, friends and family will show up as a formidable support team – exactly when you need the reminder, dear Libra. Being showered with love and encouragement will help you regain your courage as Saturn goes direct in September. Come October, Libra will experience a spiritual rebirth that breathes new life into your soul’s purpose.

Mars transit to Aquarius on November 9 creates a platform for you to reap considerable rewards just for being the person that you are. The good karma you’ve sown through past deeds will return to pay you back for your kind heart and generosity. Even if your health isn’t at its absolute best, with divine luck guiding you through the close of the year, the favor over your life will help you overcome any ailment. Expect to be fully restored so you may enjoy the many blessings awaiting you in next year!

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