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Pisces Health Horoscope 2018

With luck shining down on you from the start of the year, Pisces starts 2018 off as a picture of health! When Mars transits to Scorpio on January 17, your luck will change; helping you attain your objectives with the greatest ease. When Pisces isn’t burdened by emotional stress, you’re able to perform some wondrous tasks. With the support of those closest to you, you’ll feel fulfilled and satisfied with the way your life has turned out.

Even if things begin to shift as the year progresses, don’t allow a slight change in direction to throw you off course. As Mars transits to Sagittarius on March 7, you need to keep your head clear and calmly work through the new responsibilities that will be entrusted to you. Do your best to remain stress-free, Pisces, and stay calm, even in tense work environments. 

This is also a good time for you to work on your diet. Research heart-healthy foods and start incorporating them into your meals, Pisces. Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues at this time, being proactive about your health will help alleviate issues in the future.

Jupiter’s retrograde in March could create some health-related concerns. Issues with your kidneys or stomach are in the cards. Committing to a healthier diet will help you heal yourself from the inside out.

Physical and emotional wellness run hand in hand, dear friend. Bear this in mind as Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius on April 18. Later in the second quarter, Mars retrogrades too. There could be some temporary obstacles that attempt to upset you. Stand firm in your beliefs, Pisces, and affirm your right to success. Don’t be intimidated by these challenges, dear friend.

Even if you’ve been concerned with a lingering illness, your health should get better as Jupiter goes progressive on July 10. In fact, the third quarter of 2018 will welcome many lucky events for you, Pisces.

Expect to see your health continue to improve, even when Jupiter transits to Scorpio on October 14. You’ll enjoy complete wellness, thanks to this benefic placement.

Watch your temper, as the year comes to a close. Impulsive reactions to a minor situation, could work against all the progress you’ve made thus far. Pisces will have too much to be grateful for to allow themselves to remain upset, so count your blessings as Mars transits into your zodiac. The spiritual richness you feel right now is a reminder of how fortunate you are. Expect providence to continue guiding you, even as you enter the adventures to come!

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