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Capricorn Finance Horoscope 2018

The lord of your zodiac has marked 2018 to be an abundant time for the Capricorn native. Saturn begins in the prosperity house of the year’s ascendant, creating a smorgasbord of opportunity for you to increase your finances.

The first transit of the year takes place when Mars shifts into Scorpio in the middle of January. Operating from the benefic house of the Capricorn, you’ll experience auspicious opportunities at this moment. Your savings account will be filled with a plentitude of money – more than you can handle all at once!

Mars transits to Sagittarius in the 12th house from your sign, creating a few unnecessary expenses. As you watch yourself spending more than you originally budgeted, resist the urge to become upset. Using your wise counsel, Capricorn will be able to turn any expenditures into a profitable investment.

During Jupiter’s retrograde, you could become disappointed by the lack of support you receive from a father figure. Life may not be handing out any favours during this time, so it may be wise for Capricorn to place a tight hold on your expenses for now.

As Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius on April 18, you’ll need to combat the urge to take drastic financial risks. Avoid gambling arenas and fast money schemes at all costs. Outside events may place a dent in your savings and you could feel like you’ve run out of luck.

Retrogrades have a keen way of placing things at a necessary standstill. Though you may feel like it’s time to progress, the Universe may want you to pause and wait for a more profitable moment.

This will probably show itself when Mars transits to Capricorn on May 2. You’ll want to indulge in something that reminds you of the success you’ve created. This shift highlights the probably of purchasing property or splurging on a new vehicle. Prepare to grant yourself a highly desired wish!

There are also signs indicating the possibility of travelling to a distant destination. If you’ve had your heart set on enjoying a holiday abroad, now’s the time to start planning your vacation!

On June 27, Mars retrogrades, placing a delay on many of your affairs. You could experience a last-minute cancellation that takes travel off the agenda. Everything happens for a reason, Capricorn, so try not to become too discouraged. Besides, Jupiter’s return to progressive in July is certainly something to look forward to!

The lucky planet makes its transition in your house of luck. This shines a guiding light on all your material comforts. Of course, to enjoy the lap of luxury, one must have a healthy amount of stored funds. Fortunately for your earth sign, this transit marks a time budding in financial abundance!

Mars becomes progressive again on August 31, allowing Capricorn to complete anything that you’ve started. If you’ve been experiencing any issues related to your property, those matters will be handled without a problem. Your personal life will continue to blossom, setting a positive tone to follow throughout the third quarter.

There’s nothing better than receiving a return on past investments. Capricorn will get a chance to embrace this feeling when Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius on September 9. Don’t forget to feed your savings accounts with some of the excess you attract. Luck is favouring all your endeavours, just be sure to be a good steward of your blessings.

The financial prosperity you’ve been anticipating will continue to appear during Jupiter’s last quarter transit. From its place in Scorpio, Capricorn may become the benefactor of a prosperous windfall or anticipated inheritance. Receiving money in a lump sum causes the wheels in your head to turn. As you enjoy your financial gains, you may need to get away from life’s daily demands to decide your next move.

Through a clear head and a sound heart, you’re destined to receive all your expected results. Capricorn will close 2018 with considerable improvements spread throughout your life. Use the wisdom you’ve gained to prepare to experience an equally prosperous year to come!

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