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Capricorn Love Horoscope 2018

Lasting love connections mark a secret sense of happiness that’s often hidden deep within the Capricorn native. Your protective nature doesn’t always allow you to express your needs but 2018 will help you find a voice for your emotions!

In January, Mars transits to Scorpio which places special emphasis on life with your children. If you’re a parent, this could be a time when you enjoy a sense of success granted at the hands of your offspring.

When the planet of actions shifts again in March, it’ll rule alongside Saturn and draw a sense of aggressiveness from its position in Sagittarius. This alignment could create some turbulence in your personal relationships and cause conflicts with the people close to you.

Be careful about the way you handle your partner during this time, Capricorn. Often times, conflicts can be avoided just by choosing to pay attention to the way we handle each other’s emotions.

Tense situations within your relationship will likely subside when Jupiter retrogrades at the start of March. If you find it difficult to speak up and communicate with your partner, a third party may intervene on behalf of both of you. True love runs deeper than the need to win an argument. When you’re considering the long-term effects of the dispute, it’s easier to realize what’s more important to you.

Don’t take interactions with a paternal figure personally during this time, either. If you’re expecting your father (or a fatherly figure) to provide support or offer a favour, it may not happen – but that’s alright. You’ll understand the depth of this lesson when Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius in mid-April. The agitation you experience during this time may come from an unknown – or nonexistent – opponent. When life frustrates us, it’s easy to create our own demons, especially if we forget about the power of being grateful. Instead of getting frustrated, count your blessings, dear friend. There’s plenty for you to be thankful for this year!

You should appreciate the way the planets stir to teach you these valuable lessons. Capricorn may reflect on the wisdom gained from recent exchanges when Mars transits to your zodiac on May 2. This could be the time when your heart places a few missing puzzle pieces in the proper position, allowing you to finally let down your defences. You may decide to shed your stern exterior and open yourself to a holy ceremony of some sort. This spiritual quest will award you with the perspective needed to embrace your partner’s views and make them feel like you value their opinion too.

Engagements, weddings, or an enlightening pilgrimage are all marked by this time. If your relationship is ready to advance to the next level, this could be the time for you to make it official!

Conversely, some relationships may still need time to evolve. Mars’ retrograde in June will show you where you stand with your love. Don’t let minor stress grow into something beyond your control, Capricorn. Things will return to normal when Jupiter goes progressive on July 10.

As you and your partner find time to reconnect with each other, the third quarter of 2018 will prove to be everything you’ve ever imagined for the two of you. Love blossoms so bountifully, you may be compelled to take a special trip to enjoy each other’s company.

A lot of surprises can come from that time alone with each other. When Mars transits to Aquarius on November 9, those planning a family could finally get the news they’ve been waiting for! There’s also the chance for Capricorn to get engaged to the love of their life. The planets are smiling down on you as you take the next steps toward living the dream you’ve envisioned for yourself… and your family!  

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